Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Step by step process to create account for small bloggers is a great advertising network for small publishers if you are looking for a Google AdSense alternative then I suggest you to use to monetize your blog, provides you hassle-free experience of contextual text advertising on your blog with the help of you can earn better revenue with your website even with small traffic count. account registration, new account, publisher account registration

I have also used this advertising network to monetize my blog and I'm totally satisfied with performance on my blog.
It's very easy to start using with this small blog because registration process with this advertising network is much easier than Google AdSense we all know that registration process of Google AdSense is very difficult for a newbie and it's also very difficult to get approval with Google AdSense but in you can easily got approved even with your small website.
There are only few requirements to get started with as a publisher, you just need a website URL and a gmail address to request a publisher account in there are two ways to get registered with
1. Invitation link
2. Official website
These are the two methods to get registered with as a publisher both are easy and short and a beginner can easily do registration with through any of these types.
Let's talk about the process to create a account on
1. Through invitation link
It's easy and beneficial way to get registered with as a publisher because if you register through invitation link then you will get a bonus of 10% for next 3 months in and this is also increase the chances to get approved by you can easily do registration to invitation link just click this Link and this will redirect you to official website of the then just follow these steps.
• submit your website URL
• give your gmail address.
• type your name and than submit. account registration, new account, publisher account registration

It's how you you can submit your details to after completing process you will got a email.
Which is a confirmation mail for your Gmail, now you have to wait for next 2 days and they will contact you through mail regarding your account details. account registration, new account, publisher account registration

If you got approved with then they will send you your username and password or if they reject your request then they will tell you the reason of rejection.
2. Official website
You can also register with through its official website just visit and then click on sign up repeat the process and all process will be the same this is how you can create a publisher account with as a beginner.

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