Thursday, 25 April 2019 review for small publishers 2019 ( best cpm ad network ) is a alternative of Google AdSense for all the publishers who have not got approved by Google AdSense, if you are also looking for a Google AdSense alternative then I suggest you to use because this is a CPM based advertising network which is powered by Yahoo and Bing and performing well in the advertising industry I am also using along with Google AdSense advertisements, I am getting sufficient revenue from,
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Or if you have got approval from Google AdSense then can help you to increase revenue by showing multiple ads both from Google AdSense and
If I talk about the experience with then this is quiet impressive and effective for a small publisher like me because I have a website with about 500 daily visit and I am getting a sufficient amount.
Let's talk about some key points with publishers experience.
1. CPM rates
CPM rates with is very high in comparison of other CPM based advertising networks, this networks provides you high quality CPM advertising which is very effective for small bloggers in my case I am getting average CPM of $1 from for my website which is getting most of the traffic from India, but CPM rates are very high for a website which is getting most of the visitors from the western countries like USA and Canada this is how a is performing on my website.
2. Ad formats 
This advertising network provides you a variety of AD units you can choose your preferred ad size according to the website you can change size of banners and also change colours and other details of ad banners but there is a little thing is missing while we use it is video advertisements
This network don't provide video advertisements like Google AdSense but there is a big advantage by using because this network provides contextual advertising it means that they will show advertisements related to your content which will increase your income multiple times.
3. Support services have a very advance support service for publishers,this ad network will provide you a personal account manager to solve your all problems it means that if you have some questions regarding than you can ask for a answer from your personal account representative through mail and they will give you a solution in next one day,  this is the most impressive thing with because in comparison of adsense this ad network provides a much better customer support to its publishers.
4. Payment methods have net 30 payment method,  this network support only a single way for payments,  a publisher can withdraw its money from account from payoneer,
This network also supports paypal in past days but now they support only payoneer for payments. 
5. Minimum payout
Minimum payout for is $100, this is the only thing which Is not in the favor of small publishers because this is very big amount and takes time to reach, this payout amount is a minimum requirement for first withdrawal from
6. Market reputation and trust
This is famous ad network in all countries because this network is provided by yahoo ( search engine ) and this is trusted by several big communities, so we can show trust on for monetization of the online content.
7. Registration process
Registration proceed as is very simple and short for publishers, this is totally different from the process of google AdSense, a new person can easily register on as a publisher by giving few details and they will contact you in just next two days regarding your account approval.
We need to get approval from to use its ads, but there are not any hard conditions for approval.
Complete guide to get approval from in just one week So if we take a overall rating for performance of towards publisher than we can give 4 stars out of five.
1 star is deducted for its high payout amount and payment methods because this ad network only support a single payment method.
I recommend this ad network to blogger who have not got approval from Google AdSense and want to make make money using a Google AdSense alternative.