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Top 5 tips to get account approval in 2019 is a advertising network which is providing high quality contextual text ads, this advertising network is made for small bloggers because this is very easy to get registered with as a publisher, actually this network is a CPM based advertising network it means that this network will pay to its publishers as according to the impressions.
This is quite different from its close competitive ( Google AdSense ). approval, approval with, how to get approval is very interesting website from which we can easily earn a good amount through publishing ads on online content.
This is very easy to create a publisher account on you can just do this in a single step, or you can learn about all registration process Here.
After requesting a publisher account on you have to wait for two days, if your account is approved than they will send you your account details or if not than they will tell you the reason.
In this case you have to make some changes in your website to get approval from, as an estimate about 50% of requests are getting disapproved.
There are several reasons for disapproval but most of the big reasons are written below. approval, approval with, how to get approval

• low traffic count from USA and UK
• lake of navigation system in website.
• content is not in English.
• use of copyrighted content.
These are the for reasons behind the disapproval from

5 best tips to get approval in

1. Change your website design
This is the most important tip to get approval from for a publisher account if you want to get publisher account in your first request then I suggest you to create your website design beautiful If you are using a custom theme then you can change this with manual theme which will look more gorgeous in comparison of a custom theme this little action will increase your chances to get approved in your first request, apply more colours in your home page of your website to create a beautiful home page this is also requirement for publisher account. So just choose a clear and fascinating theme to get approval from
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2. Drive western traffic
This advertising network need high quality traffic from Western countries if you have a website with sufficient count of traffic from Western countries like USA and UK then this will be very easy to get account approval for that website or if not then just make some efforts to target traffic from these countries and I can assure you that if you got success in attracting visitor from these countries on your website then your chances will be increased for account approval.
To target traffic from these countries I suggest you to use keyword research tools which will tell you the competition for the keywords in specific Geo locations thus you can get account approval in your first request.

3. Write informative article
This is a proven method that if your website contains informative articles which helps you visitors then you can get good earning with if you are not able to get approval from then I suggest you to write some more informative articles related to your topic niche because need informative content to promote advertisements so if you rejected by in a first time than write some articles which are informative for the visitors and than try for the account, chances of getting account will be increased multiple times in this attempt.
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4. Use top level domain is a third party website which is not related to Google so if you are using a blogspot domain for account then this is not possible to get approved because clearly mentioned that they need a top level domain for Publishers or if you are trying to get approval on a third party subdomain then you are not going to get any positive response from to use advertisements on your website you must need a top level domain for your website on which you want to get approval from this is not a method but this is a requirement to get account approval.
I have mentioned this here because I have seen that a Lotto new bloggers are using blogspot domains for approval.
5. Write in English 
This is my personal opinion that if you write in English language then you can get account approval fast in comparison of other languages this is not requirement but a very effective way to get approval from write 10 or more articles in English language and then apply for account this will increase your chances to get approved by team this is affected because need traffic from Western countries where most of the people used to speak in English if you write in English you can drive traffic from Western countries which is according to requirement.

Just apply this method's on your website and you can get account approval easily through these tips.

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