Wednesday, 13 March 2019

How to start a blog for free of cost with in 20 minutes

Blogging is a great profession for freelancer this is the best way to share your thoughts with other people and also a very genuine way to make money through home without any massive investment, and best part of a blog is " you will be your own boss " it means that you don't have any boundaries and limits if you are working with your own blog.
Create a new blog for free

Some of the people thinks that starting a blog need very high knowledge of coding and need a lots of money but they are wrong because a new blog can be started without any investment and a newbie ( without coding knowledge ) can also start a new blog in just 20 minutes.
If you are also thinking to start a new blog but you don't have money to invest on domains and webshosting so I suggest you to use, this is a free website which will provide you lifetime and unlimited free web hosting with a blogspot sub-domain it means that you can start a new blog with for absolutely free of cost.

Things which you need to start a new blog
Their are two most important things are domain name and a web hosting these are the two most important things to start a new blog.
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1. Domain name
Domain is name and identity of you blog , this will represent your content on web, you have to purchase a domain name for starting a blog but if you use than they will provide you a domain name for free with extension.
2. Web hosting

Second most important thing to start a blog is web hosting this is the digital storage house where you can store all your blog content , you have to buy a web hosting to start a blog but this is also provided free of cost by if you use for you new blog.
Let's introduce you to the benifits of
Create a free blog

Blogging is now a leading and emerging profession all around the world thousands of people are making millions with their blog, and you can also be one of them.
Blogging will give you fame on internet world , if you got success in blogging than people will know you with your blog, you will get respect from your visitors.
You don't have to work for your boss, you don't have tie limits, you don't have to go anywhere for work and gold point is that you can work with your blog even when you are in your bed.
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You can make millions with blogging but these all things will only possible when you work hard to grow your blog content and traffic.

How to get started with

• introduction of

This is website which is giving free services to new bloggers and providing opportunities to new bloggers to start their new blog without any cost for lifetime. This website is launched by google and this website will provide you inbuilt plugin of google AdSense which allows you to earn money from your blog by showing ads in between your articles.

Registration process with

It's very easy to get registered with you just need a Google account to start using because is launch and offered by Google itself so if you have a Google account then you can get access to your account automatically just go to and click on sign in and then sign in using your current Gmail account and you will get your account it means that you don't have to register on if you already have a Gmail account.

Steps to start a new blog with

After login in your blogger account they will ask you for your display name just submit to display name for your blog.
Now they will ask you for your blog name and a domain just choose a domain name which is available and then choose your blog theme from given custom theme.
These things are absolutely free of cost so click on continue.
After clicking on this your blog is ready for first post , you can now add pages and write your first blog post by clicking on new post in orange button.
This is how you can create a new blog with for free but this is not enough because now if you look your blog as a visitor than this is not so interesting you have to make some changes in your blog design, you have to add necessary pages. Here are some necessary things which you should follow to make your blog more beautiful.
1. Add necessary pages like about me and privacy policy.
2. Add a meta description under setting.
3. Manage your layout.

Let's know about the most important thing that how you can make money through your new blog.
Beat methods to show ads on your new blog
As everyone knows that their are a lit of advertising networks are a available on the web but mist of them are useless so this is very important to choose a right and a genuine website which pays to its publishers in real so I would like to suggest you two most popular and world largest advertising network.

1. Google AdSense
This is the world largest online monetization website for bloggers and website owners thus will provide you opportunity to make some money by showing high quality ads on your blog articles with the trust of google AdSense, thus website works on a simple basis that if you place banners on your articles than they will pay you for this little work,
Here is the working process of google AdSense
1. Sign up for google AdSense.
2. Create a ad unit.
3. Place ad code on your pages.
4. You visitors clicks on those ads.
5. You will get instant amount for every single click.
Its his you can make money with your new blog using google AdSense.
And one more advantage is for users if you have a blog with than you will be able to show ads from 1 st day of blog creation.
This advertising network is presented by yahoo and bing search engines, this is world second largest advertising network after Google AdSense, this website will provide high quality text ads which will give a very high ravanue according to CPM , it means that this network will give you money on the basis of impression count.
You can easily get registered with even with a new blog.

Just apply for and make a lot of money from your newly launched blog.

This is all about how you can create a blog and how you can get money from your new blog , so just create a blog write articles and publish and you will get money for this little work.


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