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5 unique methods to get approval from ( focused for small blogs )

Getting approval with google AdSense is not so easy For a newbie in online world, its very tipical to get Google AdSense account approval on a new website or a blog because google AdSense have some tough terms and conditions for new publishers, they analysis the complete website before giving approval so this is must to make your blog suitable for Google AdSense.
Google AdSense account approval, account approval
If you have got rejected from Google AdSense than i suggest you to not to reply for a Google AdSense account without making any changes in your website according to google AdSense demands. Because this is only waste of time , applying for Google AdSense with same website will not bring anything expect disapproval.

So the question is that what to do to get approval from Google AdSense on a new website.
Getting google AdSense account approval is totally depends on the quality of your blog content if your blog have a good looking homepage with high quality informations.
Here is the most important tips to get Google AdSense publisher account approval.
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1. Improve the look of your blog - as I already mentioned that presence of your blog pages and look of blog hompage is the most important factor for Google AdSense, this is the first thing which Google AdSense check before taking decision, if you have a good looking and impressive website with attractive homepage than this will be very good and way to get approval from Google AdSense.
Or if not then make some changes in your website and than apply for Google AdSense publisher account. This will increase your chances to get approval from from google.

2. Write at least 25 + blog posts - a new blog must have some minimum content of 25 pages to get approval from Google AdSense because google AdSense need content to show ads or if you have not minimum of 25 posts than do don't expect a positive reply from Google, I suggest to write more impressive content and write in better way to get a Google AdSense account approval.
3. Improve grammar and writing skills - I am repeating a thing from start that google AdSense need high quality content for their advertisements so if you use wrong words in your article than this can be very big problem, just write in good and right manner to get approved by Google AdSense.
You can use online softwares to improve your language and writing skills.
4. Add necessary pages - this is the only demand from AdSense, your website must have these pages to be eligible for Google AdSense account approval, you have to add privacy policy, contact us, home, disclaimer and help me pages. This will improve your website navigation so add these pages and than apply for Google AdSense again and this time I assure you that you will get a positive reply in next two days.
5. Do not use copyrighted content - most of the new users use copyrighted things and content to save time but this is not good for your blogging career, if any body use copyrighted things on website than this is impossible to get approval for that website with google AdSense and this will also not ranked on any search engine, so to get best out of your blog than remove and delete your all copyrighted images and content, write new and fresh articles to get approved by Google AdSense.

Myths on internet regarding Google AdSense
You must have heard about these things for Google AdSense but none of these things exists so don't worry about these things just apply upper mentioned tips to get approval for Google AdSense publisher account.

1. You need a top level domain.
2. Low cpd for small blogs.
3. Account suspended for minor things.
4. Not best choice for advertising.
5. Not a genuine website for monetization.

First thing which you should do after getting approved  -
First thing which you should do after getting approval from Google AdSense is to create a ad unit and manage your websites on Google AdSense account to show advertisements using Google AdSense on your website you have to create a ad unit under ads Section at menu and then place HTML ad code in your articles.

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