Friday, 8 February 2019

What is fiverr and how fiverr works ? Can you make money with fiverr ?

Making money online is not easy for all newbies but their are some easy ways to make money online and working with fiverr is the easiest way to make money online by working at home.
What is fiverr, fiverr

So what is fiverr ? & and how fiverr works ? This is a common question for all so let's discuss on this topic.

What is fiverr & how fiverr works ?

Fiverr is a website which is operated from Israel and available in all countries, fiverr provides you opportunities to sell your services to others , fiverr works on buy and sell method, you can list your services on fiverr which you want to sell on fiverr ( called gigs ) and set up a price for your services, when anybody need service than they will purchase your service from fiverr, and you will get paid after service delivered to customer.
This is how fiverr works, and we can say that fiverr is a freelancing website which is providing home based jobs to freelancers with good income. We can sell our services and also buy precious services from fiverr at good price just by ordering a gig.

Some of the people have doubt that is really pays to its freelancers or in simple language is fiverr a scam get your answer here.

Is fiverr a scam or legit ?

Fiverr provides you opportunities to work from home and earn a good income by selling your services, this is fantastic website for freelancers because you can sell your services at at good price there are a lot of websites are available which are pretending to be best in freelancing services but I have used several of them and find fiverr is the best in all and I suggest you to use if you are looking for a freelancing website I don't say that all the other freelancing websites are scam but fiverr is best in my opinion, the answer of this question is " no fiverr is not a scam this is a genuine website which really pays to its sellers here is the payment module of forest Publishers.
What is the payment schedule of fiverr.
Fiverr works on a simple basis that if a freelancer get a order on they will take a little part of order amount and rest will be added in seller account just after delivery of the service for example let you are a freelancer on and you have got a order worth of $5 then they will charge customer at the time of order and they will pay you when you deliver your service, they will take their commissions which is 20% of ordering amount so they will and net $4 in your Five account which can be redeemed why you at anytime.

Best category to create a gig on fiverr

Fiverr have millions of buyers and sellers and most of the big orders are getting only to few freelancers because they have choose very popular and demanding category in their gigs, its very important to create a gig with seo rich keywords and also very important to choose a popular category in fiverr to get more order on, these are the 3 very popular topic which can be used to create a gig on fiverr.
1. Search engine optimization
This is very popular category in fiverr because this is very demanding all over the world a lot of offline business tycoons want to rank in online business so they are giving million for search engine optimization and fiverr is best place to find seo experts so if you have knowledge of seo than create a gig on fiverr and I assure you that you will going to get a order soon.
2. Logo and visiting card designer
Logo can increase brand value of any business but this is only possible when a logo describe your business details so their are several persons are available on fiverr which are looking for a logo designer, create a gig for logo design and get a high rank on fiverr search results for this category.
3. Sell social media traffic
Their are already a very good competition on fiverr for this topic but not enough for customers, create a gig and sell your social media platforms traffic and get a good amount of money from fiverr , you can sell all social media traffic just place links on your social media and get money for this little work.

If you don't have an account with than go and create a account and choose a topic from these topics to get better and fast results.

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