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5 most secret methods to get Google Adsense approval - best for new websites

Blogging is a leading profession for writers and passionate people, now blogging and websites are not only a way to express your feelings but also a great way to make some money and there are a lot of websites are available which are providing high quality advertisements for Websites and Google AdSense is the world largest advertising network for websites if you have not hear about Google AdSense then here is a brief information about Google AdSense.

In this article I will explain all basic informations about Google AdSense and you will get find 5 secret tips to get Google AdSense publisher account approval for new website in just one or two weeks.
All about google AdSense -
Google AdSense Is a world famous advertising networks for online platforms.
Here is the complete information of google AdSense and its working process.
Popularity of google AdSense :-
If we talk about it's popularity among the bloggers than we can say that their is not competition with google AdSense in monetization of websites, because this is only popular and biggest website for showing advertisements on website and blogs.
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Services provided by Google AdSense :-

Google AdSense is providing services in monetization field for website and blogs, this is specifically focused for publishers, every good looking website holder can easily start working with google by just applying for a publisher account.
Ravanue share module for publishers :-
Google AdSense works on CPM and cpc methods , they will share total 68 % earning to the publisher it means that if they earn 1 $ from you than they will gave you 68 % of this earning, they will pay you as CPC ( cost per click ) and cpm ( cost per impression ).
Payment methods and payout :-
Google AdSense support direct bank transfer for their publishers , minimum threshold amount for first payment is $100 for all publishers.

Cons with google AdSense :-
Biggest problem with google AdSense is its registering process and its conditions for new publishers, they demands high quality website and content for their advertisement, its very difficult to get approved with google AdSense with a new website.

5 unique tips to get Google AdSense account approval for fast

Google AdSense have some criteria before giving approval to any website, if you have created a new website and you want to start working with google AdSense than apply these 5 unique tips on your website and get Google AdSense account approval in just one week for even on a new website.
1. Write at least 30 high quality articles :-
Content on website pages is very important factor for Google AdSense, they only need high quality and original content for their advertisements, so its very important to write minimum of 30 posts on your website before applying for Google AdSense new publisher account.
Writing articles is not enough they must be unique and grammatical correct. Writing high quality content is best way to get approval from Google AdSense.
I suggest you to write minimum 800 words in each article and than apply for Google AdSense.
2. Submit your website in google webmasters
This is a hidden trick to get google AdSense account approval because nobody takes it seriously, but this can give you a Google AdSense account. Google webmaster tools is a website which provides you opportunity to submit your website in google search results, just submit your website in google search engine and this will increase your chances of getting approved with google AdSense.
This is not only benefit of google webmaster services this will also attract more visitors on your website which will increase your website value and reach in the world.
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3. Work with blogger or buy top level domain
Blogger is partner website with google so they provides an approved google AdSense account with blogger, their is a plugin of google AdSense in blogger which allows you to show ads on blog created with blogger.
Or if you have started a website with third party hosting than i suggest you to use a top level domain instead of a sub domain with WordPress or other providers.
This will increase your chances for getting google AdSense account for a new and small website.
4. Add clear navigation pages on your website homepage
Your website homepage decide your approval or disapproval with google AdSense, so if you have a good looking and systemic homepage on your website than you don't have to do anything on your website to get Google AdSense account approval.
Add necessary pages on your homepage ( contact us, privacy policy, menu, help ) and choose a good looking theme for your website before applying for Google AdSense.
5. Remove third party ads from website pages
Google AdSense is a sensitive advertising network, their is not any official statement on this topic from Google AdSense but this is also a main reason for disapproval from Google AdSense, I suggest you to remove all third party advertisements from your website pages before applying for Google AdSense account.
It means that you need a clean and fresh article for Google AdSense approval.
Don't add any affiliate banners on pages till you got approval from Google AdSense.

Its how I got the approval from Google AdSense on my this website.
And you can also get approval from Google AdSense in just one week if you follow these tips.


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