Monday, 4 February 2019

5 emerging topics to start a blog that makes money

Blogging is a leading profession in today time and thousands of bloggers are getting a huge benefit with their blogs , so if you are thinking to start a new blog and looking for a topic niche for your blog than here is a list of 5 emerging topics for start a new blog, I will show you that how these topics are different from other topics and how can you earn money with your blog.
5 low competition topic for new blog

5 best topics to start a blog that's make money

At the time of blog creation we have a lot of thoughts in our mind regarding blogging niche but this is very difficult to choose a right topic for your blog which is a very important thing to be right so here I am describing 5 amazing topics which can help you to increase your blog traffic just read this article and make your decision.

1. Review blogs

Writing articles about product reviews can be very beneficial for a blogger because this is the topic which is not used by the new bloggers and you can take advantage of this if you noticed that there is not enough review blogs on the web and you can create a review blog to make money with you blog there are thousands of products which were launched in a day so you can write article about any of thoseproducts.
Just describe specifications and features of the product in your article along with pros and cons of the product to complete a review article in a good manner this is how you can write a review article for your new blog competition with this topic then we had a very low competition rate for this topic.

2. Travel blog

Traveling is life for world tourists, and if you are also one of them than this is great to start a travel blog for sharing your experience with all the world, you can share your journey experience through your blog and this is the only topic from which you can earn a large amount of money because their are a lot of advertisers are available who are paying millions on their product advertising, and if you got a sufficient traffic on this low competition topic than you can earn much better than other topics.

3. Gaming blogs

Gaming industry is growing day by day and there are not so much content on web about this topic if you have fond of playing games than you can earn money by writing articles in this topic, gaming is not so revealed on web and if you are looking for a topic to start a blog than choose gaming for your blogging niche ,
Blogging about gaming is very easy just play a newly launched game and write about that game's specifications and feature are I assure you that their are a lot of people are available on the web to read your written article.

4. Festival slogans

Writing about festivals is not easy because their is a tough competition in this topic but this will not effect your blog because their are billions of people who were searching for these type of terms, their would must be best opportunities with this topic to start a new blog, this topic don't need lengthy articles , just need of some creativity. 

5. Online marketing blogs

writting about online marketing and marketing tips is not so easy because there is a very tough competition for these terms this is not going to be very easy to write about online marketing strategies but there is a big benefit behind these topics because with these keywords you are going to get a very high CPC rates from Google AdSense and others advertising networks.

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