Monday, 28 January 2019

5 tips to get approval fast for new website - best 5 only is a advertising network and we can say that this is the second largest advertising network in the world after Google AdSense offers you a variety of advertisements for your website and blog, it's very easy to get approval with if you have a good looking website with informative content, this is not tough requirements to get account approval just like Google AdSense you can get a approval with even with a small website with minimum content you don't have to wait for months they will reply you in only next two days of request for account., 5 tips to get account approval fast,

if you have applied for publisher account and you got a disapproval from your request then you have to make some changes in your website before applying for account again I have also got account approval in my third request I have make some changes in my website to get approval with advertising network as I already said that is authentic website to advertise and monetization of a website this advertising network is powered by Yahoo and Bing.

5 simple tips for publisher account approval from is only accepting those publishers who have a good looking website with informative content so this is very important to create a beautiful website before applying for account, here is five best methods to get account approval.

1. Make some changes in your website design

first priority to get publisher account approval is your website design and look if you have a good looking website with a systematic homepage then this is very easy to get account approval with or if you have not a good looking website or you have not arranged your homepage then make some changes in your website design and home page to get approval with publisher account this is the most important thing to get account approval for example if you are using a custom theme with and applying for then they will not accept your request because your website is not look so good with a custom theme you can replace a custom theme with manual theme for better design of your website and then apply for account and I will assure you that you will get your account at if you have made a good looking website.

2. Remove copyright content will not accept those websites request who have copyright content on their website pages, this is not according to terms & conditions, if you really want to get publisher account approval with than you have to remove all copyrighted things from your website pages or you can write more original content to get account approval.

3. Increase traffic from USA and united kingdom need high quality customers from some specific big countries like Canada, USA and UK, if you want to get account approval than you should increase visitors from these countries by targeting some geo specific keywords, if your website have sufficient traffic from these countries than you will get account approval in your first request, as estimated that a website with 200 visitors from these countries will get approval for sure from advertising network.

4. Informative content tip advertising network is approving those sites who have sufficient informative content on pages it means if you have sufficient pages on your website then you will get approval from publisher account but if you don't have sufficient pages than please write more articls and then apply again for account as estimated if your website have about 40 informative long articles then they will approve your website in your first try or if you have less than this number then write more to get approval with

5. English content required

A website with English language can get approval with publisher account easily because give preference to English content in comparison of other languages if you have written your articles in English language then you can get approval with but if you are writing in other languages then there's a doubt with a website while trying for account approval so I suggest you to write mostly of your articles in English language which will help you to get account approval.

These are the five basic tips to get account approval within your first request if you adjust your website according to these requirements then I assure you that you are going to get your account approval, these five tips are best in class to get publisher account approval for a new website of a blog.


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