Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Search engine work process step by step explain | how search engine works

Search engine have a large complicated work process , every search engine wants to show best results to its user to improve user experience, every search engine has its own not system to process the user demand.
In this article I will explain the work process of search engine step by step in 3 simple steps.
How search engine works step by step,
If you are a blogger or a web developer then this type of information can help you to get good ranking in search results of search engines.
How search engine work step by step process
Their are not any fix way of any search engine to process user cammand but each search engine have some parameter for every search by user.

1. First step

When a user find any thing with a keyword than bots of search engine read that word and crawl all file which includes that keyword several times, for example that you are searching for "make money online " than search bots will crawl all files which have a sufficient amount of these keywords.
It means that every search engine compare keyword density of relevant search keywords.

2. Second step

Aftercrawling of all files with releted keywords search bots will camper back links and social links of each file with that keyword and arrange them. After that they crawl length of article and images text to show best results.

3. Third steps

Finally search engines camper the quality of writing and internal links and they also compare the popularity of content in all ove r the web and after those thing search engines shows the best results to its users.

This is a very lengthy process but each search engine takes only a few seconds to show you best search results.
This is only a basic work process of search engines, in this article I have only told about basic things which are important to get good visibility in search engine results.
To get good rank on search engine results learn basic algorithm of  search engine.

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