Saturday, 29 December 2018 review for small websites - a alternative of google AdSense

Google AdSense is a well known advertising network in all over the world but most of the new website owners are not able to get approval with google AdSense.
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If you are also facing this with google AdSense than this article is for you, in this article I will talk about a Google AdSense alternative which is very user friendly with small websites, I am talking about a true alternative of google AdSense, if you want to know more about this website tan just read it out completely and try a absolutely new way to advertise on your website. latest review for small publishers is a trusted advertising platform for all publishers, this is a combined program of yahoo and bing if you are not getting approval with google AdSense for your website than I suggest you to try as a Google AdSense alternative.

How to apply for is allowing every website developer to join their community as a publisher and this is easy to get a account on, to register on as publisher you can follow these steps.

• go to media.Net and open sidebar menu and tap on sign up.
• fill up your gmail address.
• fill up your website URL and answer a simple question.
• now enter your name and click submit.
After these steps you will get a mail from server, 
They will visit your website and gave you approval if your website is just according to their policy ( don't worry , policies are simple ). 
They will send you a confirmation mail about your account of your website is approved or if not than they will tell you the reason behind disapproval.
You can submit your request multiple time till you got selected in website.
If you have also try for approval and you got rejected then please try these methods to get approval with as a small publisher.

Get account approval in a week

• purchase a op level domain. 
•  use a mobile and desktop version theme in your website.
• write all articles in English language.
• write at least 40 articles.
• target audience in UK and USA.
• only original content.
• don't try other advertising networks while trying for account.

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I have got approval with with my website and I have used this advertising network for about a month till I got approval from Google AdSense but I am quite happy with performance of, I have used this for about one mont and I have earned about $ 9 with my website which got about 400 visitors a day and this enough for even this type of website.
I am very impressed with text advertising of this a very cool way to advertise without disturbing visitors.

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