Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Uses of social media - good or bad

Social media is a platform which can be used for several purposes like education, political, news, entertainment and many more.
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Social media is now well trusted way to viral any news among all over the world.

Uses of social media ( best uses )

When we talks about social media then there is not any limit of its uses in this article I will describe about 5 most popular uses of social media in our daily life we can easily use social media to improve our life standards as some people use social media for their benefit let's startit.
Uses of social media

Use of social media as product promotion

Most of the E-commerce website take advantage of social media as their free product promotions because social media is a very large group of high quality visitors and they can convert those visitors into customers for their product if you are looking for free product promotion then social media can help you in this world you can easily promote your product on social media and you can use social media as your advertiser.

Use of social media for education purpose

Social media is a great source of knowledge for all those people who want to learn all about the world you can get all informations on social media within seconds you don't have to search anywhere for little things many people are using social media as their educational purpose and you can also useful media for this work.

Use of social media as politics promotion

We cannot eat that most of the political parties are using social media for their party promotion we can see this in about all countries because social media is a great way to announce their candidate names and party goals to get more publicity.
This is a very popular use of social media to get political publicity.

Use of social media for entertainment

Every teenager is using social media for their entertainment with the help of the world without spending anything you can just do it by visiting social media websites as there are thousands of social media websites are available which can be used for entertainment such like Facebook and Twitter these are the two most popular social media website which are used for entertainment these are popular because they are absolutely free and you can easily create account on both social media websites without any cost.

Use of social media for news updates

About 20 years ago when social media is not recognised most of the latest news or not came in mainstream newspaper is the only way to get latest news but today social media is playing a very big role in news updates anybody can use social media for latest news you can search according to preference this is a very simple way to get the updated with latest news.

Use of social media - good or bad

Social media also have its pros and cons sometimes social media can be very beneficial for a person in many ways but excess use of social media can be a mental disease if we are using social media for any good work in limited time then social media a golden way to do work but if we cross the limits in using social media then this is very serious thing today millions of teenagers are using social media for their entertainment but most of them are not taking care about their valuable time this is very important to use social media only when you need.

Good uses of social media

• valuable source of information
• very cost effective for product promotion
• a good way to stay connected with friends.
• best way to get latest news

Bad uses of social media

• over use of social media is a type of mentel disorder
• can't nudge the true and false.
• so much addicted
• over use of social media is only waste of time.

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