Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Where to write a blog | quick blogging tips for beginners

If you are thinking to start a new blog for first time then this is the most common question what problem does you have face that where to write a blog and how to start a new blog with minimum cost so in this article I would give answer of this question that where to write a blog for first time.
When I started blogging I am also looking for a good platform to start my new blog.
Before starting a blog I have made a lot of features on Google and other search engines.
Where to write a blog, write a blog,
Where to write a blog | for beginners
Most of the people who want to start a blog doesn't choose a right platform to start their broking career and they get failure in their this work so this is very important to choose the right website to write blogs because this is the main backbone of your broking career if you choose a room blogging platform then you will don't get success in your broking Korea so please read this article completely and get all information regarding where to write a blog I will suggest you three best blogging website where you can write your new blog with 100% Assurance of quality I have also used each of them and my personal experience is very positive for those websites.
Best blogging website to write a blog
This all platforms are absolutely free for new bloggers for lifetime so you can start your new blog without an investment.
1. Blogger
I think that you have always a little bit information regarding this platform because this is the world most famous free blogging platform called blogger which is offered by Google itself this is very famous because this is absolutely free for all bloggers this blogging platform provides unlimited free web hosting for lifetime and also provides a sub domain to start your new blog.
1. Provide unlimited space to write blogs.
2. Free statics of visitors.
3. In built Google AdSense plugin.
4. Free sub domain.
5. Assurance of service and quality.
6. Offers you to add custom domain.
1. Limited theme to design your blog.
2. Limited handover to customize your blog layout.
3. Speed also make some troubles.
My own answer to " where to write a blog "
In my opinion I prefer to use blogger to write a blog than any other blogging platform. I am also using blogger to write a blog and setting up my audience, if you want to build a large audience than I suggest you to choose only blogger to write a blog, or if you writes a blog to generate money than select WordPress.

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