Monday, 29 October 2018

What is affiliate marketing? ( explained ), step by step guide to start with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to generate high quality traffic for e commerce websites, so all the leading eCommerce website using affiliate marketing to grow their reach into customers, affiliate marketing is a well-known way to get high quality customers from all over the world for a eCommerce website so let us know that but is affiliate marketing and how it works.
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We also discuss about how to make money with affiliate Marketing and is it possible to generate money with affiliate Marketing.
What is affiliate marketing and how it's work?
Affiliate marketing is a modern technique to advertise on online platforms where advertiser will get 100% Assurance of purchase from there advertisements it means if publisher of affiliate program will get it Commission when a visitor office website purchase a product from advertisers website review is referral link.
Affiliate marketing is a type of reference and where you have to refer products on your website to your visitors and when your visitors convert into customers for advertisers you will get a fixed Commission.
We can easily learn the affiliate Marketing System by 3 easy steps,
1. A blogger joins a affiliate program and place a banner on blog page.
2. Visitor comes to that block page and click on that banner, he will be redirected to product page, ( no money for this action )
3. Now suppose that visitor buys any product from that website( money will be given to you) , you will get a fix commission on purchased item price according to category.
How can a blogger join any affiliate program?
If you want to join any affiliate program then you have a lot of options because about all the leading E-Commerce websites offering their affiliate to publishers because affiliate marketing is a very brilliant way to get high quality visitors, there are a lot of websites are available which are offering their affiliate marketing at very high commission like if you are writing articles regarding websites and applications then bluehost can be a very good affiliate marketer for a website because bluehost is giving very good amount of Commission on your single purchase.
This is not only the website which is offering High Commission rates in their affiliate program for example you can choose Commission Junction and Amazon for join into affiliate program.
Affiliate marketing pros and cons
In this article I have discussed about well process of affiliate marketing but there is must be some pros and cons regarding affiliate marketing which is very important to start working with affiliate Marketing.


1. Very good source of income.
2. A lot of choices available.
3. Direct payment in your bank account.
4. No minimum requirement to get approval for your website.
5. High Commission rates on some type of website.


1. Need patience to get your first income in your hand.
2. Difficult to choose right option and product to advertise.
3. Beneficial for tech websites.
4. Law Commission on electronics item.

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