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Google AdSense earning in India for small bloggers, my AdSense earning report 2018

I am writing this article to help those persons who are looking for approval from Google AdSense if you are a small blogger and you are looking for Google AdSense earnings report then you will get exact information which you want to start your blogging career with AdSense as we all know that Google AdSense is the world most popular advertising network because it's pay in real cash this is the most worthy monetization platform but not single because there are also a lot of competitors are available which can compete with Google AdSense CPC and CPM rates.
Google AdSense earning report, Google AdSense earnings in india

Why Google AdSense is the best advertising platform for small bloggers
Google AdSense is great advertising platform because of its high CPC and CPM rates this is the only advertising platform who offer all type of advertisements to all types of websites excluding illegal websites.
And another best thing of Google AdSense is kids low requirement by living in new website you don't need a big amount of visitors to get approved from Google AdSense you can easily get approval from Google AdSense with some visitors but Google AdSense requires high quality content and original content to show advertisement.
Google AdSense approval process for new small bloggers in India.
Getting a Google AdSense account approval is very simple if you have a good looking website even with low traffic. I have also good Google AdSense approval a few days ago I got this approval in post request for Google AdSense account approval I have made a lot of changes to get Google AdSense approval for my new website is getting approximately 300 page views per day this is a really small website but Google AdSense has given approval to this website because my website is designed according to Google requirements so this is very important to make a website good looking and beautiful to get Google AdSense account approval in India traffic count doesn't matter in getting Google AdSense approval because there was not any criteria for traffic count in getting Google AdSense account approval.

To request for a new Google AdSense account just follow these steps.
To get a hosted AdSense account with blogger or YouTube ::-
You don't have to do anything if you are using blogger or YouTube to get Google AdSense approval this is very easy to monetize a website with blogger because there was a inbuilt plugin which will show high quality Google AdSense advertisements on your blog you just need to write 10 to 20 high quality blog posts and then you will get a hosted AdSense account approval.
If you need Google AdSense account approval for monetize your videos on YouTube then you just need a minimum visitor Count on your YouTube channel after getting that minimum amount of traffic you will be approved by Google AdSense and they will show high quality advertisement on your YouTube videos.

Google AdSense earning with small blogs in india.

Google AdSense has not fixed any amount for any click on their advertisements. Earnings with Google AdSense is totally depends on your website type advertisement quality if you are writing articles vichare rank on google with high CPC keywords then you will get a big amount for a single click and if your article is ranking on low CPC keywords then Google AdSense will show low quality advertisements according to your content quality and you will get less money for single click but second factor which will affect your learning with Google AdSense is country if your website is getting visitors from countries like USA Singapore and Russia then you will get a big amount of money for a single click on advertisement if you are in blogger in India then try to send that visitors from developed countries which will directly increase your income multiple times.

My earning report of small blog ( Google AdSense )

As I already mentioned that my blog has good Google AdSense approval a few days ago and I have earned half dollar in last 4 days with Google AdSense where my blog is getting 50 - 60 pageviews daily.
Most of visitors on my bro are coming from developed countries so this is a plus point for my blog because I am getting high CPC rates on a single click.

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