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Amazon affiliate commission rates - amazon affiliate fee schedule ( affiliate commission rates )

Amazon is a very famous e commerce website all over the globe, and this website is offering a golden chance to earn some money through promoting its products on websites.
Amazon affiliate commission rates 2018 - 2019
Amazon affiliate commission rates

In this article I will explain amazon affiliate program in which you will get all important informations regarding amazon affiliate program.

Work process of amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program is very beneficial for small bloggers and website developers who are finding advertisers for their website monetization Amazon affiliate can be very brilliant choice to start making money with your website Amazon affiliate works on a simple basis which can be described in 3 simplesteps.
• register on Amazon affiliate program and generate a banner code and paste it into your website pages.
• your website visitors click on that Bannar and purchase anything from Amazon listing.
• you will be paid if fixed Commission on purchase item amount.
It's very simple to start making money with Amazon affiliate because Amazon is giving a very high rated customer support for Publishers.

Creating account on Amazon affiliate program

To create a account on Amazon Amazon affiliate you need these things
• a website or blog in working condition
• a bank account
• a gmail account
• a mobile number ( optional )
• internet access and device

Steps to create a new affiliate account

To create a newamazon affiliate account you may follow these simple steps.
• open amazon affiliate official website
• click on join now at right side up corner in a yellow button
• now you have two option 
First you can login into your amazon account and second is that you can create a new amazon account by giving gmail address.
• now they will ask you about your personal information and than give some website information.
After these things you are ready to use amazon affiliate account.

Amazon affiliate commission rates

Amazon is offering a lot of service and products to its customers and you can also make some money through promoting those products on your website or blog, here you will get these commission rates to promote a product,

Amazon affiliate commission rates are much higher in some product categories.
Here a list of amazon affiliate commission rates
Amazon affiliate commission, amazon affiliate commission rates
Amazon affiliate commission, amazon affiliate rates

Amazon affiliate marketing review and income

I am also a active user of Amazon affiliate program I have tried Amazon affiliate on my blog and I have got a positive result of Amazon affiliate marketing this is not my first experience with affiliate progam I have tried several affiliate programs but Amazon affiliate is a bit different from those affiliate programs because its live dashboard will give you instant report of clicks and Impressions and earnings will be revised at the next day, minimum thershold amount of withdrawal is also very low which make it very useful for small website developers and bloggers.

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