Monday, 10 September 2018

Earn money on flipkart affiliate in just 30 days, learn how to make money on flipkart affiliate 2018

I have written this article on my experience with Flipkart affiliate program, Flipkart affiliate is one of the best affiliate program running by The E-Commerce websites, this affiliate marketing is better than Amazon affiliate and Snapdeal affiliate, anybody can make a lot of money by affiliate marketing if you are also interested in joining Flipkart affiliate program then this article can help you to do it, in this article I will explain old issues regarding Flipkart affiliate program let's start the conversation on the topic Birds how to start making money with Flipkart  affiliate in 2018.
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How to start making money on flipkart affiliate

1. Sign up at flipkart affiliate program

To join the Flipkart affiliate program you have to sign up on Flipkart affiliate website to get registered with Flipkart affiliate program you need a gmail address for primary registration at Flipkart affiliate and your website information and some other details for further process.
• now go to Flipkart affiliate dotkom and click on sign.
• after that they will ask you for your gmail address and password just fill up those details and click submit.
Now you will get a verification OTP ( one time password ) on your mobile number or Gmail address.
Verify your account by submit that OTP and get access to your Flipkart affiliate account.
After this process you are registered at the Flipkart affiliate and you are not able to make money with Flipkart affiliate marketing.
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2. Document & information at flipkart affiliate
After the small registration you have to fill up some kinds of digital forms in which you will be asked about your basic information regarding website and bank account,
At first page you will be asked about your personal details like name, address, pin code, gmail address and mobile number and on other pages you will be asked about bank details, website details, website type and other things regarding your website.

3. Product search & ad code at flipkart affiliate

This is the most important step with Flipkart affiliate to make money, this is how you can increase your Earning with Flipkart affiliate this is very important to choose relevant product to your website for example suppose you are writing articles on technology then mobile advertisements is best for your website because you are already writing about this.
Flipkart affiliate

Define products in Flipkart affiliate you can search it by name or you can choose any product from dashboard of Flipkart affiliate.
Flipkart affiliate
After choosing a product you have to generate HTML code of that product to generate HTML code in Flipkart affiliate just click on HTML code option and copy that code to your clipboard.

4. Flipkart affiliate Product code implementation on website page

To show advertisements on your website pages you have to place this HTML code into your website page, to place this html code into your website or blog just follow these steps.
• log in into your Flipkart affiliate account.
• choose a product from listing.
• copy HTML ad code of product in flipkart affiliate.
• now go to your website.
• open page in which you want to show this ad.
• open your page in HTML.
• now place this ad code between text.
Now your code has been placed and when any visitor click on that advertising of flipkart affiliate product and buy any product, you will be given a commission from purchased item.

5. Benefit of flipkart affiliate marketing

Flipkart is a very famous E-commerce website in India millions of people are using Flipkart Flipkart is a website which is trusted for high quality electronics and Home appliances and with affiliate program of Flipkart you can be a part of Flipkart.
Flipkart affiliate 2018

Flipkart is a leading E-commerce website with the help of the Flipkart affiliate marketing you can make a lot of money.
As there are a lot of affiliate programs are running but Flipkart is best from them because of
• high commission on every product sale.
• high performance products.
• hassle free withdrawal from flipkart affiliate.
6. Withdrawal from flipkart affiliate account
There are two ways to withdraw money from Flipkart affiliate account, both are easy and simple just choose a option and get your money in your hand from Flipkart affiliate.
1. Bank account
You can easily withdraw your money in your bank account from Flipkart affiliate account minimum amount for bank transfer is 2500 rupees.
2. Flipkart gift card
Second option is to buying Flipkart gift card from Flipkart affiliate account minimum withdrawal amount from this is less than thousand rupees you can withdraw money from Flipkart affiliate account when you reach at 250 rupees.
7. Flipkart affiliate commission chart
Commission rates of Flipkart affiliate is higher than other affiliate programs, you can check out exact commission of Flipkart affiliate.
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Flipkart affiliate program, flipkart affiliates, flipkart affiliate commission

8. New way to make money on flipkart affiliate
• Flipkart affiliate program is giving a opportunity to its affiliate member to make money with wrestling application to its visitors.
Prince a Flipkart affiliate member can easily make money by referring Flipkart application to new users.
9. Review of flipkart affiliate program

In comparison of another affiliate programs Flipkart affiliate better in some areas.
• withdrawal amount is lower than other affiliate programs (rs. 250)
• commissions are higher than other affiliate programs ( as mentioned in the chart )
• quality of products advertising is good and morden.
• instant credit of commission after delivery of product.