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7 Tips to make money online in india without investment

This article will explain 7 famous ways to make money online in India without any investment. India is the world second largest country according to the population so it's not so easy to beat the competition on the web,
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To make money online in India you must have to choose a work in which you are interested and passionate,

7 best ways to make money online in India without investment

1. Blogging

Writing articles regarding your experiences and informations are called blogs it's very easy to start a blog and make money online this is very effective way to make money online in India without any investment to start a new blog you can visit my article in which I have described all the ways to start a new blog as an expert. Blogging is very popular in India because this is the simplest way to make money online without any investment you just have to write some articles and if you articles get ranked on Google search results you can make thousands of dollar per month by placing advertisements on a blog.
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Steps to start new blog in India for free

To start free blog in India just follow these steps,
• go to blogger or WordPress and sign up.
• chose a domain ( sub domain ).
• give a tittle and select a theme.
• submit your details and than you are ready to write your first post.
After this write 10 to 20 posts and you will get AdSense approval for make money from your blog by placing advertisement.

2. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the world largest video platform where you can find every type of video and tutorials but most of us don't know that YouTube is a great source of income in India also so this is a very effective way to make money online without any investment in India to start making money with YouTube you have to create a YouTube channel by visiting YouTube creators and then you have to upload some videos and if your videos get visitors you can show advertisements on your video and make money.
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Before placing advertisements you must have 10,000 visitors on your YouTube channel if you channel get 1000 visitors then you can apply for Google AdSense and you can place advertisements on your video. After getting approval from Google AdSense good approximately income from YouTube is $1 per thousand views.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good source of income if you have any website on any social media platform then you can start affiliate marketing to make money in India to make money from affiliate marketing you have to register in any affiliate program.
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Its how affiliate marketing works

• you have to choose a product.
• generate code of that product.
• go to your website or page.
• when your visitors click on that advertisement they will be redirected to advertisers website.
• visitor buy any product.
• you will get commission on that purchase.
• Flipkart affiliate explained
There are a lot of websites available where you can register as a affiliate member. For example you can register on Amazon for affiliate program for you can also register on eBay and Flipkart.

4. Website development

In this modern generation website is a part of everyday life so website business very good for beginners, if you want to start an online business without any investment and website development is a great way,
Today you can easily develop a website without any help of an expert to develop a new website you just need to complete these conditions and then you can easily start this business, this business is very cost effective and very popular in all world you can easily make millions of money by creating advance website with advanced features. 

Tips to develop a new website in just 10 minutes

1. Buy a domain name from domain registrar.
2. Buy a domain hosting easily from WordPress or godaddy.
3. Link your domain name with your host account.
4. Add some posts on your website.
5. Submit your website in google search results.
You can send your websites easily by social media marketing Evan a website can sold in thousands of dollars which is very big amount for a single website so this is very great way to make money online without any investment in India.

5. Sell domains

Cenang womens online India is a very advanced business for a beginner but this is very profitable for everyone who started this to start this business you just need to invest a few days and then you can make a thousands of money from this business.
In this business you have to buy some domains which are search by people and then you can sell poster mens to the people on high price.
This is very simple to sell domain, you just have to sign up on Godaddy application from where you can easily list your domain for sell.

Steps to start this business in India

• sign up on go daddy or any domain registrar.
• buy a popular domain name with seo rich keywords.
• list those domains in domain auctions held by domain registrars.
• your can charge thousands of rupees for a single domain.

6. Application development

Development of applications of Android and IOS devices is a great way to make money in India without any investment if you have some knowledge regarding application development then you can make a lot of money by creating unique applications for Android as you can easily see that all Android phone users use a lot of applications in daily life so development of applications is very profitable work you can develop a eCommerce application from which you can sell stuff and things online or you can also make money by selling applications to other people.
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Tips for application development in India

India is a growing country with digitalization movement so this is very profitable work to make money in India to start this business you need some skills to develop a high quality application for Android devices you can easily learn application development from computer centres and then you can start your online business of application development.

7. Create websites

Creating a website is just similiar to blogging but there is a big difference in blogging and website development as in blogging you have to write posts to make your blog but in website development you just have to add some new features in your website Layout from which you and make a lot of money by selling this website to others.
You can create a online eCommerce website, a business website, a recharge website from which you can easily make money in India without investment.

Creating a website is very simple follow these steps to create a new website.
• purchase a domain name to create a website.
• now link this domain with a hosting account.
Add new plugin from WordPress plugin to make it beautiful.

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