Sunday, 8 July 2018

4 best ways to increase internet speed on vodafon, latest working tips for high speed internet

Hey, today I am here with an latest article on topic that " how can you increase your Internet speed in vodafon " , if you are suffering from slow internet speed on vodafon than below mentioned 4 cool tips can help you to increase internet speed in vodafon.
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4 tips to increase internet speed in vodafon
These tips are not harmful for anyone, these are the basic tips to increase internet speed, just follow these tips and boost up your vodafon internet speed.
1. Choose vodafon 4g network
If you have a vodafon 4g sim card and a 4g head set than just choose your network as vodafon 4g, you can change your network through network settings of your mobile,

If you are living in a area where vodafon is not providing 4g than change your network on 3g this can boost up your vodafon speed.
2. Insert your vodafon sim in slot 1 for increase internet speed
To get high speed internet in vodafon than just insert your sim in slot 1 of your mobile phone, this can increase your Internet speed because of better network coverage from slot 1 of your mobile phone.
3. Choose default apn setting of vodafon

Every network has its own apn setting if you are getting low speed in vodafon than try various apn platforms, as there are a internet setting provided by vodafon itself so save that setting and increase your Internet speed in vodafon.
4. Clear cache from your browser
This is the most popular tip to increase internet speed this trick is very useful if you are facing a slow internet speed in vodafon, just clear all data of your browser and enjoy high speed internet with vodafon, just clear your unused data also from your storage which can help you to increase internet speed.

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