Sunday, 8 July 2018

How to increase internet speed - 6 best ways to increase internet speed

If you are also suffering from slow internet speed and you want to get day solid solution to increase internet speed then you are the absolutely right place in this article I will explain that how to increase internet speed you will get 10 working tips to solve slow internet speed problem.
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6 best ways to increase internet speed
All the tips which were mentioned by me in this article are used and hundred percent working if you apply them into your mobile device or PC then you will get a clearesult that your internet speed has been increased.

1. Insert your sim in slot 1
If you are using an Internet connection into a mobile device and you are getting low speed then this can be a reason of Slow speed that you have inserted the SIM card into slot 2 of your mobile device if you want to increase your internet speed then insert your sim card into slot 1, this will increase your speed because of better network coverage.
2. Use a 4 G sim card
If you are using a 4G mobile handset with 3G sim card then you will get slow speed of internet connection, to get high speed internet then upgrade your sim card into 4g you can upgrade your sim card at the nearest retailer of your telecommunication provider.

3. Clear cache files from your browser
To get high internet speed on your mobile phone then clear the unused files from your browser the biggest reason of slow internet speed is cache files in your browser just clean up your browser data to get high speed of internet.
4. Don't use any speed booster
Some of the users use speed boosters to increase their internet speed but this can be harmful for your mobile so don't use any Speed Booster to increase your speed, this will never give you better speed, instead of increasing this can decrease your internet speed by using your data.
5. Uninstall unused application
To increase your internet speed you can uninstall extra applications from your mobile to free up some space this can be very effective to increase your internet speed.

6. Restart your mobile phone once in a day
I don't know logic behind this but this is very effective to increase your speed, to get increased speed of your internet you can apply this trick, just restart your phone once in a day to increase internet speed of your mobile, you can apply this trick just restart your phone once in a days to increase internet speed.

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