Wednesday, 25 July 2018

User guide to get google AdSense approval for a new websites

Getting approval from google AdSense is very easy if you will follow some guidelines,
Google AdSense is the biggest advertising platform and this website have millions of advertisers because of quality, to gave quality customer to businesses google AdSense has created some strict guidelines for publishers,
Google AdSense account approval
If you have applied for google AdSense account with a new website without quality content than your application will be disapproved surely, let's start the discussion on topic that how to get google AdSense account approval for new websites and blogs, 
Google AdSense gave approval to those sites or blogs who have sufficient content and visitors count, if you have a website or blog with high quality content then you will get Google AdSense account approval in your first try but if you are applying for Google AdSense with their non prepared website then you will definitely get disapproval from Google AdSense.
Google AdSense account approval
First take a look at the biggest reason behind disapproval of Google AdSense application.

4 big reasons of application disapproval in google AdSense

• most of the new applications are disapproved because of site layout, Google AdSense has clearly mentioned that a site with all necessary pages like about us, privacy policy and home will be approved.
• insufficient quality content on the website is the second biggest reason of application disapproval in Google AdSense.
• vulgar and copyright content on website is strictly prohibited by Google AdSense privacy policy so if a website contains this type of content then Google AdSense will disapproved application for new account.
• this is not a major reason but sometimes Google AdSense can decide your application result on according to your website visitors count a website with some visitors count will easily get approval from Google AdSense.
Ways to get Google AdSense approval easily for a new website
• before applying to Google AdSense new website must have valuable content if your website contains information that can help a user then you can easily get Google AdSense approval in your first attempt.
Write more and more content on a website before applying for Google AdSense, this is the simplest way to get Google AdSense approval for a new website.
Google AdSense account approval
• your site layout plays a major role in getting Google AdSense approval before applying for Google AdSense just manage your site layout in a good manners and add some necessary pages in your website.
• a website with copyright content will never be approved by Google AdSense so bright original content on your website to get Google AdSense approval.
• use more images in your content this is noticed that a blog or website with more images get Google AdSense account approval faster than any other website.
• engage some daily visitors Count on your website to improve your chances to get Google AdSense account approval.
• use top level domain with your website to increase your approval chances with Google AdSense account, a website with blogger or a sub level domain can get approval from Google AdSense but this takes a lot of time so to get Google AdSense account approval fast just by a top level domain.

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