Friday, 6 July 2018

make money with google adsense with a website

Google AdSense is a advertising platform which can help you to monetize your website with high quality advertisements Google AdSense is most respective advertisement platform used by the most of the website owners, Google AdSense is a great way to make money with a website if you have a website or any blog then you can use Google AdSense to make money with them.
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How to start making money with Google AdSense
It's very easy to use Google AdSense for monetization of your website to start using Google AdSense honour website you just need some things in your website to get approval from Google AdSense.

• your site must be filled with important information and high quality content your website must have 10 to 20 pages with high quality content.
• content on your website must not be copied from anywhere else content on your website must be unique and original
•  Google AdSense require these pages in your website homepage to get approval from Google AdSense just create these pages like about us, home, privacy policy and other.

If your website have these things then you can easily apply for Google AdSense approval and they will give you approval in next 2 days.
How much can we earn on Google AdSense with a website
You can make unlimited money with Google AdSense on your website because this will depends on your website traffic if your website have a large amount of traffic then you can make millions of money in a single man as the Google AdSense provide the highest CPM and CPC dates for every user if your website have 1000 visiters daily then this is expected that you can make about $2 per day.

How to place Google ads on website pages
It's very simple to place Google ads on your website this is the work of only one minute after getting approval from Google AdSense you just have to go on menu than ad units>create a new ad unit > choose a ad unit type > choose the ad sie and colour and than submit.
After this process they will provide you a html code just copy that code and paste it on your post , just paste this code where you want show ads, you can also place ads into article for more earnings, use this code in your layout.

Google AdSense auto ads for a website
Google has launched a new way to monetize website If you are using different HTML codes to show ads on different places of your website then you can choose auto ads to get rid of this copy - paste work, just place a single code in your website theme and show a lot of ADS on different places of your website.

It's very simple to make money with Google AdSense on a website just place God in your website and make a lot of money as there was a lot of AdSense alternative available but Google AdSense will the best choice to make money with your website if you are not getting approval from Google AdSense then improve your content quality and try again.

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