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AdSense - a great way to make money with website and google

Google AdSense is a great way to make money with Google, if you want to make money with website then Google AdSense can help you to provide high quality advertisements for your website with the help of Google AdSense you can easily place high quality advertisements on your blogger website which can make you rich within some days,
Google AdSense review, Google AdSense
if you have a website with some visitors count then this is very easy to make money with Google AdSense.
Google AdSense is the best advertising platform in the world, its very easy to apply for google AdSense even for a newbie,
To get started with google AdSense just follow some steps and get a fully functional google AdSense account.
• just apply for google AdSense with your website or application,
• sign up on google AdSense using your gmail.
• fill up your website URL and click on submit.

After this little process you will get a email from Google AdSense regarding your registration, if your website have sufficient content on pages than you will get approval from google AdSense or if your website doesn't complies with AdSense terms and conditions than you will get a reaction mail.
Most of the user who have rejected  by Google AdSense have similar reasons.
If you are already known to Google AdSense and you want to get approval from Google AdSense than just follow these tricks and I will assure you regarding these tips.
•  make website pages and content to get approval from Google AdSense, terms and condition of Google AdSense clearly mentioned that is site must have basic pages like about us, contact us and privacy policy. If your website have these pages then you will get approval from Google AdSense what if you have not added these pages in your website then just add and Re apply for Google AdSense approval.
• Google AdSense is genuine advertising platform and this will give approval to only those persons who have original content on their website it means if you are site contain any copyright material then you will not get approved from Google AdSense just write original and genuine content on your website and reapply for google AdSense.
• to get approval from google AdSense right Lotto content and valuable information if your website have sufficient and valid information regarding your choosed topic then they will give you instant approval without any question this is the most useful way to get approval from Google AdSense.
• visitors on your website can play major role in getting Google AdSense approval if your website have a visitors count then you can easily get Google AdSense approval to get more visitors you can choose Google search results Google is the most trusted way to get more visitors for free.

How to use Google AdSense on your website or blog
This is very easy to use Google AdSense on website or blog there is nothing hard in using Google AdSense to place advertisements on your blog just follow below mentioned steps and get huge revenue from your website.
• after getting approval just sign into your Google AdSense account and complete your profile information.
• just click right side menu in Google dashboard and then choose my ads option.
• after this you can choose ad unit option and then click on create a new ad unit.
Google AdSense review
• give a title to your ad unit choose size,
colour and ad type after this just click on submit.
• after this you will get a pop up on your screen with the HTML code just copy that code and place it into your post HTML.

You can paste this code into your articles you can also place this code multiple times in the article to get more revenue.
Review of google AdSense - good or bad
As I also mentioned that Google AdSense is the world most famous advertisement network used by the most of the website owners as in my thinking I have never seen a website like before, Google AdSense is completely profitable and comfortable for a website owner, its very easy to use Google AdSense to monetize a website or blog, if you are looking for a AdSense alternative then this is your biggest mistake just try to get approval from Google AdSense and stay connected with Google AdSense.
There is nothing perfect in this world good as have also some things that can irritate a user, rules and regulations of Google AdSense to get approval is very critical it's very difficult to get approval from Google AdSense.

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