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How to start a new blog in 20 minutes - best way to start new blog

now blogging do not need any introduction even to a new blogger because blogging is now a leading profession at all over the world, blogging only need a perfact way in start of a blogging carear.
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If you start a blog in perfect way than their are 3 clear benefits for your blogging career,
• make you famous in all world.
• make you rich enough.
• you will be your own boss.

But these all things need 5 things to be started in a right way,
• need time for management.
• need a little investment for setup your blog.

• need extreme knowledge on a specific topic.
• need writing skill for blogging.
• Creativity in your writing.

If you start your blog with these qualities than its sure that you will must reach to upper mentioned milestones.

Let's talk about topic that how to start a blog for free, 
 To start a new blog you have to choose a blogging site which will provide a stage to write your blog post, as their are millions of websites are available for this work but for best results you can choose blogger, and wix ( need little investment ) or for more deep information regarding these blog sites at Best blog sites for newbies

• These blog sites will provide you a sub domain name that is your name on web for your blog, if you have your own domain name than you can also use that one in this blog.
• Gave a tittle to your blog and now you are ready to write your post on this new blog.

But work is not end here this is about how to start a blog but to get visitors on your blog you have to make efforts and most important thing is that you have to learn about seo ( search engine optimization ).

• After this work your first priority is must be for writing high quality posts that can help people and if you write high quality content than your blog must get success in this online world.

For get your new blog on web you have to register your blog on google weownershiphis is a site from where you can submit your new blog in google search results.

To submit your new blog in google search console just follow these steps,

• open google webmaster in web and click on sign up now fill your gmail and get registered with google search console.
Next you have to add a property in this webmaster just fill you blog URL in that space and click submit.

Sometimes they asked for property verification for your submitted URL you can easily prove your ownership by pasting a html code in your blog HTML.

Next most thing for a new blog is to submit a sitemap of your blog in google search console, this sitemap will provide your blog information to google.

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