Monday, 4 June 2018

Google opinion rewards India - best apk for free credits

Google opinion reward is a application or platform by google to get customer reviews on several products in cost of free gifts, google is giving free credit for completing survey in Google opinion reward apk,
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google opinion reward application is available on both android and iOS devices, this is a very small size application, this application will only take 2 or 3 mb data.Google opinion reward apk in India

Google has launched this application in India a few years ago but this is downloaded million of times from google play store, this application will reward users for completing surveys provided by google.

Start making money with google opinion rewards

Download Google opinion rewards application from google play store and get registered with your gmail account, after submitting your account they will ask you some information regarding your interest and than choose your country Indian, now submit your information, after this submission they will offer you a example survey in which you will be asked 6 questions regarding your interest.

Tips to get more surveys in google opinion rewards application
Lots of users don't get any survey after example survey because they have done some mistakes in google opinion rewards application that effect you chances to get surveys,
Follow these tips to get more surveys in google opinion rewards application.
•  must open this application once INA day that will increase your frequency to get survey on your application.
• share your location history with google which will help google to know your interest and than they will send surveys according to your location.
• turn on your GPS while going out for shopping that will increase your chances to get survey in google opinion rewards application.

• if you get a survey then write only true experience regarding asked question this will increase your chances to get surveys.

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