Saturday, 2 June 2018

Blog sites to start blogging in 2018

Blog sites are websites where you can start your own blog and publish it in google search results, a lot of blog sites are available on web for start a new blog but all are not user friendly so this is very important to choose right blog site to get success in blogging.
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Best blog sites to start new blog

No blog site gave you services for free they all were demand some money to unlock theme and other feature so I will describe some blog sites which are absolutely free for new user they will never demand any charge for services,

• Blogger is a absolutely free blog site where you can Write unlimited blog posts for free, this site will provide a sub domain name to start a new blog and this blog site also provide lifetime web hosting for free, a new blogger can start blog from this site without any investment.

How to start blog on

• go to and click on sign up for new user.
• you can also use your gmail to get registered in
• choose your site ile and blog subdomaim provided by blogger or you can also add your purchased domain in your blog.
• chose a theme according to your content, blogger will provide you many choices in themes.

• write your first post in your new blog and publish.
You can also monetize your blog with Google AdSense after 10 to 15 posts.

WordPress is world biggest blog site, WordPress is covering about 68% of web traffic, this blog site provide you service to write free blog posts, WordPress provide you limited themes but performance of WordPress is better than any other blog site.

How to start blog on WordPress 

• go to WordPress. Com and open this on web.
• now go to sign up option on appeared page.
• submit your mail I'd and setup your password for WordPress account.
• now choose your domain name, username, and also use your blog tittle.

• choose your theme and click on submit to get a account on WordPress blog site.
• now you can write your post on WordPress with no cost.

WordPress is also available in app so you can also use WordPress application for good and better experience, WordPress is free but their are some limitations like that WordPress provide you less theme options, also charge money for any widgets so if you want to start a blog with a little investment than WordPress blog site is best for you.

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