Thursday, 31 May 2018

Best ways to make money with blogging and vlogging 2018

Blogging is coolest way to express your experience and best way to share your knowledge with all over the world but most of us don't know that blogging can make you rich enough, as we saw that a lot of websites and blogs are telling their income from blogs but most of them tell lie to get attention, this is not possible to make $1000 in first month, blogging is a true way to get solid income but this work need some efforts and time, blogging is not a work for just writing posts this can make you famous and you can also convert your blog into a brand.
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As their are not any limits to get money from blog but some of them can perform better then else.

Ways to earn money from blogs

• contextual advertising is a simple and mostly used way to make money from blog, most of the new bloggers use Google AdSense advertising for monetize posts and this is the most effective and simple way for user who have a large visitors count as think if you have 1000 visitors per day on your blog than this way will have you largest revenue but for new user this will not much profitable.
• affiliate program is a very cool method to get bulk income from your blog, if you are running a tech blog than affiliate marketing is best choice, because you don't have to wait for clicks on ads you will be paid for you referred  sales on partner website, a lot of e commerce websites offer this affiliate program to blog owners.

• sponserd links can be very effective for fashion related blogs because all the fashion related brands need quality advertisement so they would gave preference to sponsor a blog or website for brand promotion.

Difficulties in this way:-

Sponsorship is best way to get money from blog but to find a sponser is not so easy you have apply on several website for sponsorship, all the brands need high ad views and sales , if you get a sponser than you have got the biggest milestone in blogging, be cause this is stable source of income from blogging, as in YouTube famebit is a site where you can get a sponser for your YouTube channel, famebit is a official platform for getting a sponsor.

• paid advertising is not a good choice but very effective is some kinds of blogs if you are running a  review or any education blog and you have good visitors count than you can contact your nearby school and coaching centers to advertise on your blog, offer than lowest cost so that they can try your service, and than after you can charge them big after some time with them.

Tips to get paid advertisers:-

To get a paidadvertiser for your blog you can offer one month free service which make your site trust full , show than your website statics to get ads and you can also describe benefit of work with your blog these all things will help you to get a big amount from your blog.

• sell your products on your blog, this will boost your sale and also help you to reach with customers all over the world, you can promote your online store to get more customers and also help you to get more visitors on your blog.

 • you can make money with your blog by selling ebooks and pen drive courses, this is best for those blogs who are writing blogs on education, or if you have a blog that provide information about any thing then you can choose this method to make some bucks from your blog.

• a lot of bloggers are making money by promoting their YouTube channel onnblogs, as if you have blog with few visitors then you can promote your YouTube channel to get double benefit from channel and blog, you can also get more subscribers by adding an subscribe button on you blog homepage.

Tips to run a successful blog with lowest investment

Blogging is very famous work at this time and if you are also a new blogger than those methods can help you to get solid income, you can start a free blog with blogger and WordPress without any investment.

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