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Learn how to earn money without investment - Quick tips 2018

Making money is an art and making money without any investment is can only be possible for few experts, their was a lot of businesses are available for people to earn money but most of them need a large investment for start, so if you want to earn money without investment than this can only be possible with online platforms.
Earn money online without investment, earn money without investment

As we all know that today a lot of businesses are available in online platforms and today I will describe some best ways to earn money online without investment.

Earn money without investment in 2018

As we all know that millions of people are making money with their online businesses or if you want to earn money without any investment than online platforms are best for this work. In this article I will suggest some cool and fabulous ways to earn money online without any investment which can be make you rich in only some years.

1. YouTube

YouTube views world largest platform of videos there was about billions of videos available on YouTube which were uploaded by YouTube channel owners, you also can be open a YouTube channel and upload some videos from those you can make good money and best thing of this work is that this will cost you nothing, it means it can be done without investment. It's very simple to make money using YouTube without any investment but instead of money this will cost you time, it means that you have to spent some time to get famous on YouTube and after that it will make you rich by its earning response.
By using google AdSense you can monitize your videos, you can place advertisemets on your uploaded videos and when your channel viewers watch and click on those advertisemets you will paid. There was no limit of earnings with YouTube.
Millions of youtubers are earning well from their YouTube channel and you also can earn good amount. In start you have to follow these little things which can reduce your to be get famous on YouTube.
Must known afforts to be a successful youtuber
• Don't upload copyright videos and audio on your channel use only self hosted videos on YouTube.
• upload interesting and informative videos for getting more response from visitors
• choose unique name of your YouTube channel for quick earning.

Note:- ads will be go live on your videos when your channel reach minimum views Count of 10,000. After your channel have 10,000 views then you can place ads on videos.

2. Blogging

Not everyone know about this way to earn money, blogging is a true profession and a great way to earn without any investment, if you have information about a topic and you want to share your knowledge with all world than blogging can help you in this matter and along with your interest you will be paid for your passion. A thousands people are earning great amount by writing blogs. Great thing about this work is that you don't need any money to start a new blog, their are a lot of Websites are available which can help you to start a new blog without aany investment.

According to the my suggestion blogger and wordpress is the best blogging platforms to start a new blog. These both websites are best to write blog, these platforms will provide you the a low level domian to start your new blog which is nessessery to start your blog, after. Some time when you would like to invest some money than you can upgrade your low level domian into top level domain which will boost your earnings.
Methods to earn money from blogging without investment
Usually all famous bloggers and medium blogger use Google AdSense to monitize their content but this is a not nessessery to work only with Google AdSense you can choose Any of below mentioned ways to earn money from blog.
• affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is also a best Bittu earn money without any investment you can promote eCommerce website on your blog and When your visitors convert into customers for eCommerce websites you will be paid in high amount. You can choose affiliate marketing with several websites, you can start with amazon , flipkart and ebay. These all websites can help you to grow your blog fast.
• selling products
Selling products on your blog is also a profitable way to earn money because with the help of your blog you can sell small items in all over the world without any advertisement. with your blog you can get reach with customers all around the world.

Blogging is a simple and great profession today, if you choose blogging as your part time work then this can be your profession after few years, your blog can make you rich and famous without any investment.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is a leading profession in the world today because this will cost you nothing and give you a lot of money for your little work, you can be a freelancer by working fot big communities for a small amount, freelancer is person who work for large communities on small contracts in this world you visited if fixed amount for a fixed work you can start your freelancing career on several websites which are providing these services you can start with Freelancer.comFiverr and Upwork. Freelancing is a very good business for work from home you can do this with your mobile phone or PC you don't need to invest any other thing while working as a freelancer.
Earn money without investment
You just have to create a account on mentioned website and have to make a gig for customers you can make a gig on which that topic in which you are expert. Suppose that you are expert of logo making and designing then you can offer logo designing for some dollars on this website you have to upload some images of your work, people can easily buy your gig from these website and pay you for your work. This is a great way to earn money without investment.

4. App-devolepment

We all know that mobile applications are now a important thing of each person in the world millions of the people are using several applications for live a good life but most of us don't know about earning from app development if you have knowledge of applications and you know that how to make a mobile app then you can earn great amount without any investment, it's very simple to earn money from mobile applications just preparing mobile application and advertise with Google on your application when people user application Google will serve some advertisements on your application which will very beneficial for you you can make millions of money from this way without any investment you just need to publish your application on Google Play Store you and easily withdraw the amount from Google AdSense ( ad-mob).

5. Open a online store

If you are a store manager and you want to earn money from selling products then you can easily open a online store and Boost Your Business multiple Times, now it's very easy to open a online store for free,  you can easily sell stuff online without any investment you just need to register on any of these websites and choose options to open an online store.
Many of websites can help you to open online store.
Open your online store with Go daddy.

6. Website creation

Creation of the website is also a great way to earn money without any investment, you can easily get a new website without any knowledge of coding. website development is now very easy many of websites giving this service for free just register and run a successful website, after making your site big you can easily sell your website and earn good amount or you can promote your business with website.

7. Survey filling 

Nobody thinks that filling server can be beneficial for anybody because most of the people don't know about this way to earn, this is true that you can easily earn good money with filling surveys you just have to feel some surveys of products and services and you'll be paid for this work, Google opinion rewards is also a survey film website you can easily install its application from Google Play Store and fill service offered by and you'll be paid in the form of Google Play credits.
Some other websites are also providing this service you can use swagbucks, toluna, slice the pie as a service feeling platform.

8. Sell photos

This is it incredibly new way to earn money without any. You can easily sell well captured images to all over the world without any charges sivamani's websites are available which are giving this service you just have to upload your pictures on those websites and you can get a genuine buyer which can pay a lot of money for your picture if you have a talent to capturing pictures then you can easily earn money with selling photos online this is a great business because this will cost you nothing and give you a lot of.
Sell your photos on Istock.

9. Selling domains

Selling domain names is a very popular profession nowadays because this is very easy to maintain everybody can start this business with little investment of thousands you just have to buy some classic domains from domain Registrar websites and fill your purchase domains in Domain auctions whenever a bhaiya one to buy your purchase domain you can charge in multiple times of paid amount this is very easy to buy domain and more easy to sell on domain auction.

10. By installing application

If you have unlimited internet data pack then you can a little amount by installing applications for free there was many applications available on Google play store which are giving money for storing their applications for example you can download mcent, earn talktimefrom Google Play Store, after downloading these applications just make a account and download offered applications you will be paid to fixed amount for per application download you can earn unlimited money with this trick without any investment you can easily do recharge with this free money.

All these methods are genuine and original. with the help of these tips you can easily make money without any investment. Just choose a platform and earn a large amount of money without any investment with these tricks.


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