Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Google opinion rewards iOS - latest update 2018

Google opinion rewards application is a very famous application in market of Survey filling website this application will provide you paid surveys from which you can make some money by providing your feedback to Google services and products at first then this application was launched it is only offered in some big countries and only for Android devices there was not any application for iOS devices but on the basis of its popularity Google have lost its iOS version it means you can easily use Google opinion rewards on iOS devices.
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Google opinion rewards iOS - how to install

Installation of Google opinion rewards in iOS devices is very easy If you are using an IOS device then you just have to go on its iTunes application and search for Google opinion rewards then after application will show you first result. Or you may install it from this link Download Google opinion rewards for ios. this link will redirect you to your iTune application of your iOS application.
• after installation of this application in your iOS device you have to register with the email address in Google opinion rewards application.
• then Google opinion reward application will provide you some example surveys which will help you to fill the survey in right way.

How much Google opinion rewards iOS pay per Survey
Is there was not any official announcement for this thing but with my experience I can suggest you that this application will pay you $1 for per filled survey. Google opinion rewards application high quality application on iOS devices.

How to get more surveys in Google opinion rewards iOS application
It's very difficult to get a server from Google opinion reward for a normal person who don't interested in filling surveys but there was some tricks to get more surveys on Google opinion reward application.

• share your location history with Google
If you are not getting surveys on Google opinion reward application then you can try this trick to increase your frequency to getting surveys you just have to turn on a single option, you can turn on this function under settings, just turn on your share history with Google, this method be positively increase your frequency to get more surveys in Google opinion reward for iOS devices.
• Open this application once in a day
In your iOS device just open this application once in a day, this is a approved trick to get more surveys in Google opinion reward application.
• install more applications
Installing more application on your iOS device is also a great way to get surveys on Google opinion reward because Google opinion reward will Serve You surveys on the basis of your activities.

2018 Update in Google opinion rewards iOS application
Google opinion reward application is newly launched on iOS devices so there was such big differences in Android and IOS applications, Google opinion rewards application have many new features in iOS devices in comparison of Android application.
There was a big difference in size of both applications, in Android you can install Google opinion reward application with few MB data but in iOS device you have to spent 94 MB daughter to install Google opinion reward application in iOS.

New features of Google opinion rewards iOS
• more Surveys than android application
• better performance
• high quality surveys which take 2-3 minutes
• high pay rate for per survey.

How to get paid by Google opinion rewards iOS application
In iOS devices payment method of Google opinion rewards is similar to Android because this application will give you Google Play credits for each survey, you can only use your earned credit to buy services on Google play store.


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