Tuesday, 13 February 2018

5 coolest ways to make more money - best tips to earn extra cash

Money is a requirement for all the people in the world if you want to make some extra money by your efforts then this article help you to choose right way to make more money, in this article I will suggest you 5 coolest way to increase your income, all these suggestions are totally dependent on online marketing business becaus online businesses are easy to manage and a great way to grow.
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5 best ways to make extra money

1. Open an online store
We all know that online platforms are a great way to grow business because with the help of these online platforms we can reach about every customer in the world, and this can also help you to increase your productivity, but working with other e commerce websites is not so beneficial, most of big e-commerce websites demands fees on per payment received and other fees are also very heavy, so it's better to open your own online store to reach to the customer, you can easily open your own online store, many domain registration websites are providing services to open a online store,
To open a low cost online store your can try Go-daddy and Shopify, both websites will provide you a is installation of your online store just fill your information and list your products on your online store and you will be live on the web then after share your online store link to your friends and social media sites to get more customers.
Benefits of an online store
• with a online store you can sell your products in all the world you can increase your reach to the customers.
• you can sell about everything only online store there was not any approval needed.
• you will be your own Boss.
• online store will help you to make more money.
• there was not any fees you have to be paid for selling products on your online store.
• you can convert your online store in to be a successful eCommerce website by finding a invester.

2. Writing blogs
Writing blogs is an art if you have a fond of writing and sharing your knowledge with other then you can easily make extra cash with these habbits. Today blogging is not only in one question but this is also a great way to make money millions of people are already getting they are living by writing blogs, this is a leading profession in all over the world, to get paid by blogging you just have to start a blog and manage daily posts on that blog, there was a lot of ways to get paid by a blog,
Ways to get paid by blog and make more money

1. Paid Blogging ::- if you have some quality in your writing then you can easily make money by writing blogs on other fabulous websites many blog owners need writers to manage their content so if you have knowledge of English and you can write well articles then you can try paid blogging on their websites. With this you can make extra cash without investing a bit.

2. Advertising ::- advertising is also a great source to inform your content if you have a blog with some unique visitors then you can easily advertise on your blog which will give you some extra money, you can place advertisements on your blog with the help of Google AdSense which is the largest advertisement network in the world.

3. Affiliate marketing ::- affiliate marketing is a well-known way to earn money by written content, you just have to promote some products on your blog and when you are visited by any product by your link you will be paid at a fixed Commission this can boost your income if you have unique and high quality visitors on your blog.

4. Sell ebooks ::- selling ebooks is very profitable for bloggers because this will give you 2 benefits, first it will make your blog more interested and second this will give you money.

How to start blogging for making extra money
It's very easy to start blogging, there was a lot of websites are available which are providing this service you can start free blogging on Blogger and WordPress. Both website will provide your free subscription domains and free hosting. For more information about earning from blog you can visitBest ways to earn money from Blogging.

3. YouTube channel
We all have information about YouTube that YouTube is world largest video platform but most the first don't know about it second time that was YouTube creators, YouTube creators is an opportunity for all the persons who have some knowledge and who want to share their knowledge with the world with the help of YouTube creators you can upload videos on YouTube and make a YouTube channel this will also provide you a great opportunity to make some money with your talent you can monetize your YouTube videos with the help of Google AdSense YouTube have automatic integration in Google AdSense when your YouTube channel have sufficient count of views, it's very easy to earn with YouTube you can we make some extra cash with the help of YouTube channel there are several ways to earn from YouTube just like a major things are described,
Ways to Make more money with YouTube 
1. Google AdSense::-
There was a simple widget to use Google AdSense in youtube channel, advertisemet will be shown in start of videos or in during videos.

2. Sponsorship ::- YouTube also provide a opportunity to make money that is called sponsorship by big brands if you have 5k subscribers on YouTube channel then you can apply for sponsorship on YouTube videos.

4. Sell your services
A person who sell their services to others is called freelancer, if you have any knowledge about anything then you can share your knowledge with others by selling them for example that suppose you are expert in logo designing then you can make logos for other communities on a contract basis that will help you to make more money and increase your income it is very easy to sell your services to the others you just have to register on several freelance websites that are providing free buyers to your services there was not any cost for registering on those website you can try fivver and freelancer at start because these websites provide you high income for single order with Fivver you can make 5$ for per order this is a great way to make more money with online platforms.
Make money using freelancing
• it's very easy to use these type of website, every new user can easily earn with these websites.
• there was no limit while using this way, you can make unlimited money.

5. Refer & Earn
Making money with this way  is very easy, because you don't have to invest a bit, and there was not any scam you can earn pure money with refer and earn program, we all know that many of the new websites and Applications need customers and visitors so they run a refer and earn program to grow there network, many website pay you only for refering a link to your friend there was no limit of earnings with this, you will be paid according to your referrals, if you have a social media platform to share your links then you can earn more money using this way, all the money will be added to your account after every refer, in India there was a lot of applications are available which are running refer and earn program.
You can start your Earning with phonepe, true balance and also with Google powered Application 'tez'.
Make more money using this way (tips)
• share your links to more & more friends.
• don't do fraud transactions.
• use social media platforms to share your referral link.
• be sure to use a right platform to share which can boost your earnings.


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