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9 best Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers and Websites

Everybody knows that website development and blogging is now not only a work of passion but also a great choice for earn money online, millions of people are making good amount, about 90%new web developers and bloggers choose Google AdSense for monetize their content because Google AdSense is is superior website to get earning from blog but if we focus on remaining 10% of people they are using some other methods to monitise there content because they are not able to qualify Google AdSense approval conditions, every new blogger want to monetize blog with a good advertisement community so their first choice is to work with Google but in this case most of the new bloggers tnd the web developers are not able to qualify for in Google AdSense account because of it's critical demands and some strict rules,
Choosing a right Google AdSense alternative for blogger is very important for good earning from a blog,
Google AdSense alternative, AdSense, options

According to my point of view Google AdSense is the best website to monetize a blog if you are able to get approved for Google AdSense then you can make a million dollar blog with the help of Google AdSense but sometimes all of our imaginations and expectations not go real, most of the new users not able to get Google AdSense approval because of this such small reasons like less content, low content quality and much more.
Start of a new blog website you have to work on your quality to give a smooth and good experience to your visitors which will increase your chances to get Google AdSense approval if you want to get Google AdSense approval on your new website you have to work hard to make it good quality content this is the most important factor to get Google AdSense approval.
Also learn some important factors to get Google AdSense approval Tips to get AdSense approval
But not all the users have same fortune, a few of persons get approval from adsense, but don't disappoint if are not one of them there are millions of other websites are available which works like Google AdSense and giving compitition to Google AdSense with their new and cool features, these types of websites are called Google AdSense alternative.
These websites can help you to monetize your website and blog even after dissapproval from Google AdSense account, these all websites are really great to Publishers and well known in all advertisement network.

Why to choose AdSense alternative instead of Google AdSense?

Most of the new Publishers who are running a small blog or website are not able to qualify Google AdSense terms and conditions so they have to choose another advertisement platform to monetize there small blog.
• Google AdSense have some tough terms and conditions which were not possible by small bloggers so they choose another platform.
• Google AdSense is not beneficial for a blog which have a few visitors per day.
• first amount is $100 for every website in new AdSense account so this take very long time to collect their first payment from Google AdSense.
• account will be suspended after a single warning about invalid click on ad unit.

Best 9 Google AdSense alternatives for blogs and websites

• double click by Google

While choosing a good alternative of Google AdSense my first preference is towards double click which is powered by Google, double click is a Google powered community which have a large reputation in advertisement network, a community with millions of advertisers make this very comfortable for Publishers, you can easily get approval by submitting some information about your blog or website, this is simple than AdSense because their are not any terms and conditions to get approval by Double click for publishers , this website will pay you on the basis of CPC, you will be paid for every click on add viewed by your visitors, minimum payout amount is similar to Google AdSense which is $100, you can withdraw your amount when you reach the minimum transaction amount of $100 by your bank transfer.
This website is a great choice for large publishers because this will pay you for every sign up and click on ad unit so this is a combo of affiliate marketing and native advertisement.

Some advantages then Google AdSense

Less terms and conditions and simple working method make this application cool and comfortable for Publishers, a publisher with small blog or website can easily earn some good money from this website.
This website will pay you according to CPC rates and also pay you for every sign up on advertisers website, you can say that this website is a combination of affiliate marketing and native advertisement.


My personal experience with is beyond my expectation before using this fabulous advertisement website to my blog, this is the most favourable website I have ever seen, which is the second largest advertisement network after Google AdSense with thousands of Publishers and advertisers, this is also connected with big community Yahoo and Bing search engine so there was no question about it Reality That pay you cash for your work, you just need some little qualification to get approval from this website. Minimum payout amount of $100 is similar to google adsense but it takes less time to get first payment because of cost per impression method.
Best Google AdSense alternative

Requirements for getting account approval from

1. You must have a blog, website with the top level domain.
2. You have to engage high traffic rate from large countries like UK, Canada and USA.

3. Your website must have to contain sufficient content on pages, this is the largest reasons for disapproval of any request.
4. Content on website pages must be unique and original, a duplicate and copied blog or website could not be approved by
5. Only positive and informative websites will be approved even with small traffic count.

Quick tip with for more earning

This website is a little different from Google AdSense because this will pay you according to the Impression​s, you will be paid for every single impression on your blog ads which is very beneficial in comparison of Google AdSense.

• Infolinks

Infolinks is most popular advertisement network in western countries, it's also a very simple website to use, a new blogger or new web developer can easily apply all ads on website with the help of infolinks, you can choose your ad types and adjust ad sizes with hundreds of ad varieties, high pay rates and minimum payout amount make this website good in comparison of other AdSense alternatives, a new blog or website can easily get approved by infolinks within 1 or 2 days of application, as we can say that there was no approval process in infolinks you can get instant copyright on your infolink account,
Some new bloggers and people judge this  website according to its dashboard but its just opposite to their thinking, it's very cool website while replacing your advertisement network from Google AdSense, if your application was disapproved by Google AdSense then you can try infolinks without any hesitation,

Benefits with infolink for a new blogger or web developer

1. No approval process instant use of infolink account, no wait for approval,
2. Good CPC (cost per click) and cpm (cost per impression) rates for a new user.
3. Simple to use and earn
4. Fulfilled with different ad sizes and colours for more impressions.
5. Minimum payout amount is 50$ almost less than other websites.

• Commission junction ( affiliate )

Commission junction is totally different from Google AdSense because this is a affiliate marketing website, you can choose your favourite brand as your advertiser in Commission Junction, there was no approval process to use Commission junction on a new blog or website, you can get a confirmed account in Commission junction, you have to register for a publisher account in Commission Junction.
Learn more about Commission junction

Steps to use Commission Junction for monetize a blog

1. After registering on commission junction website as a publisher, you have to fill some information about your website and your basic information,
2. Just search for a brand specific advertiser  name in search bar of commission junction dashboard.
Ch, adsense alternative

3. After search you will get a list of your searched title then choose any advertiser and apply for their advertisement, your request would be submitted instantly and you will be get a reply within one day about confirmation and approval from advertiser,
4. After getting approval from a specific advertiser you just have to copy the link from advertiser dashboard and have to paste on your website.
5.You will paid on the basis of each sign up done from your website traffic.

Payment and payout details of commission Junction

Commission junction is a original website which Pay to its Publishers in real cash, you can redeem your revenue by wire transfer by PayPal transfer with a low minimum payout amount.

• Amazon ads

As we all know that Amazon is world largest eCommerce website so Amazon ads have some specific functions to increase your earning with your blog, you can choose Amazon ads to monetize new blog without any experience, it's very simple to use and it's not depend on affiliate marketing this is just similar to Google AdSense and a step ahead from Google AdSense, this website will pay you according to cpm(cost per Impression) method so you don't need clicks on your ads, you just have to go on Amazon associate and apply for Amazon cpm, this will take about a week to gave you approval,

Best part of Amazon ads for a new user

• A safe advertisement network with the last community of Amazon
• pay you according to my impression Not for CPC this is a great advantage than Google AdSense
• also offer you affiliate marketing in the form of Amazon Associates

• only high and quality ads go live on your content for better User experience on your website
• minimum payout amount is lower than any other advertisement network, you can withdraw your money when you reach to $10,
• you can withdraw your amount by buying a gift card on Amazon or you also select wire transfer into your bank account.

• Amazon associate

Amazon Associates is a very popular affiliate marketing website where you can monetize your new blog without any approval process this is very simple to use Amazon Associates because there was no terms and condition against your comfort, Amazon associate is a website where you can get partnership with Amazon E-commerce website, you just have to register on Amazon Associates and then fill your some information like address name and some basic information of your blog or website, this is not a CPM or CPC based website you have to promote products of Amazon on your blog and if your visitors convert into customers for those products then you will be paid according to the commission percentage on purchased product price,
AdSense alternative

Quality of Amazon Associates as a Google AdSense alternative

• low minimum payout amount than Google AdSense ($10)
• powered by a certified community Amazon
• large Commission amount upto 25% on every product purchased by your reffered visitors
• no scam pay you in real cash
• a large list of commission percentage on several products no hidden charges

• vigilinks

Vigilinks is a text based advertisement network which will pay you as a affiliate marketing website if you are a blogger and you are writing blogs about products and their specifications then vigilinks is the best website to monetize your blog because this website provides you a feature to monetize your text links when your visitors click on link you will paid and you also paid if your visitor converted into customer in referred website,
This is the most profitable way to earn money by your review or rating blog because a research says that 55% of visitors buys a product after reading a rating - review blog.
You can easily get approval from vigilnks as there was no difficult terms and conditions to get account, you just have to sign up using a publisher in Vigilinks and then your account is ready to use.

Specification of vigilinks

• no minimum visitors count needed best for small bloggers
• payout amount is as minimum as $10
• a only website with ad in text feature
• works best for rating and review blogs
• no approval process needed, instant handle your vigilinks account​

• hilltopads

Hilltop ads is a popular websites for medium bloggers who have some visitors Count On the blog, there are some terms and condition before using hilltopads you have to qualify terms before using Hilltop ads on your blog or website, this website needs minimum requirement of 5k/day visitors, this website can boost your earning multiple times because there was a lot of functions inside this website a lots of AD sizes and different types of advertisement you can choose text images and pop up ads Hilltop advertisement you can apply these ads even every types of website, in comparison of Google AdSense website allows you to withdraw your amount when you will reach the minimum payout of $50 this is just half of Google AdSense minimum payout amount so this will reduce your time to getting first payment from your blog or website,

Best part of hilltop advertising

• support all types of websites and blogs for all countries
• minimum payout amount of $50 half than Google AdSense
• a lot of ads type which make user interest
• support different types of payout ways like wire transfer,payzaa, PayPal, payoneer.
• quality and high paid ads will go live with hilltopads,

• Facebook ads

We all know Facebook but we don't Facebook ads as we all know that Facebook is a very lunch social media network we can say that largest social media network is Facebook,
Google AdSense alternative, fb ads

A few years before Facebook launch a new opportunity for bloggers Website developers and other peoples who have a platform where people span time so we can easily at about Facebook ads account to monitize Blog, website or Facebook page, you just need a Facebook account to use Facebook ads on your blog, Facebook Apps will only work on mobile devices will be there is any visit so or click on ad, Facebook will only show ads for mobile and tablet devices this will not support in desktop view, to monetize your blog with Facebook just follow these simple steps and get paid by Facebook,

Facebook advertisement benefit

• high pay rates for per click
• best for Facebook pages and mobile website
• also support Application advertising
• easy to implement and use
• quick wire transfer and low payout amount

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