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Top 5 Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers

Google AdSense alternatives are very helpful for bloggers who were not able to qualify Google AdSense terms and conditions, if you are also a blogger from them then get a list of top Google AdSense alternatives here with all of important informations,
According to my experience Google AdSense is the best advertisement network to monetize your blog or website because this is only website which pay you CPM and CPC both methods as you all know that Google AdSense is provided by Google so there was no chance of froud while using Google AdSense but sometimes Google AdSense terms and conditions were forces to choose another advertisement platform so today I will describe about top 5 Google AdSense alternatives for blogger,
Getting it approval from Google AdSense is not so easy for new bloggers so using Google AdSense alternatives are better for a new blogger there are a lot of options are available while choosing a Google AdSense alternative to monetize your blog at 90% of websites are fraud and scam they will never pay you, to get a better Google AdSense alternative to my time your new blog you have to compare some big website functions and some of them are really fabulous with their working methods I am describing about 5 Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers want to replace Google AdSense with the alternative these all websites are highly reputed and very popular in all over the world so you can choose any of them to monetize your new blog I will assure you that each of them is fulfilled with a lot of functions and they will guaranteed to pay you for your work.
Google AdSense alternatives,best alternative of Google

Best Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers

• Commission junction
• Amazon Associates
• Facebook audience network
• double click by Google (dfp) 

Let's Go for a brief description about 5 best Google AdSense alternatives for get more insight reviews about the website, these all Google AdSense alternative are specially suitable for bloggers and web developers, all described websites are original and pay real cash to its Publishers, only quality and high CPC ads on go live with these websites on your blog to increase your revenue.

1. Commission junction

Commission junction is a affiliate website where you can choose a specific brand as your advertiser, this is a website with 2900+ advertisers and a large community of Publishers so if you want to replace your AdSense advertisement then you can choose Commission junction as your first AdSense alternative, this website will offer you a approval free process to use their advertisements on your blog or website, you just have to sign up on their website as a publisher for placing ads on blog, some special features of this website is described below for your comfort,
CJ, affiliate, Google AdSense alternatives

•  No approval process
•  High payment rates for per sign up
• A great percentage based affiliate marketing website but not need customer only need visitors and sign up.
• lowest payout amount which reduces your time to get first payment
• A trusted and genuine advertisement network.

Commission action is a very fabulous website to advertisement on a small block because this will pay you highest amount for personal bio visitors additional function of this website is specific advertisement used by you only quality and high paid ads will go live on your blog.
• Learn about more websites of affiliate network is a website powered by Yahoo and Bing, I also experience with this website and my experience is very good with this website because this is a high paying CPM based advertisement network, a different website from AdSense because you will be paid according to per impression instead of per click in this website. This Google AdSense alternative is very beneficial for blogger in Big countries like USA, Canada, UK and many more because this website will only need some count of visitors from these countries to gave to a new blog or website if you have a blog with some traffic from these countries than you will easily get approval from this website and this is a really good adsense alternative because this is also provided by big community of yahoo and bing.
Google AdSense alternatives,best AdSense alternative

One more special feature of this website is  contaxtual advertising according to your content, it means this website will only show ads related to your content which will increase your chances to get more clicks on ads, at first this website read your content and select some words from your content on which you are writing and than they will show ads related to those Keywords which were more comfortable for users.

Silent features in

• offered by Yahoo and bing search engines.
• No difficult terms and condition for getting approval.
• Minimum payout amount is similar to Google AdSense (100$).
• withdrawal from Paypal ,wire transfer and other digital wallets.
• Support CPM based advertisement it means high revenue without getting clicks.

3. Amazon Associates

 Amazon Associates is a great choice for replacing Google AdSense because this is provided by Amazon which is the world largest eCommerce website and this is a really high paying website tools publishers you just have to promote products of Amazon on your blog or website and if your visitors convert into customers for those advertisements, then you will be paid at confirm commissions, there was no compromise with your payment, you can easily withdraw your amount by Amazon gift card or wire transfer when you reach at minimum payout of $10.
For start using Amazon Associates on your blog as a advertisement website, you just have to sign up on Amazon associate official website with your mobile number or Email address, You only need one of them and then you will get a confirmation message after that your account has been created on Amazon associate, just copy the product link and paste on your blog or website for promote those product.

Features of amazon associates as a Google AdSense alternative for Blogger

• A great affiliate website with high commission percentage
• Low minimum payout amount of $10 
• Only have to products available on Amazon website

4. Facebook audience network

Facebook audience network is a advertisement platform powered by Facebook you can easily monetize your website or blog with that Facebook audience network without any cost, just register your website with Facebook audience Network and implement ads HTML codes in your blog website for using Facebook as your advertiser, Facebook audience network is specially made for mobile websites for applications if you blog or website have major audience from mobile devices then Facebook on his network can give you a straw menu in comparison of other Google AdSense alternative because Facebook audience network specially made for mobile devices, do you know about Facebook which is the largest social media website in the world and getting it partnership and work with Facebook is a work of honour so this is very cool to work with Facebook and earn from Facebook,

Cool features of Facebook audience network

• specially made for mobile websites and Applications
• low minimum payout amount of
• support all type of add types on all types of website
• manage your ad size with a variety of ad sizes

5. Double click by Google ( dfp )

Double click is a newly launched Website by google, this is specially made for big publishers and big websites because this is only affiliate website powered by Google, in this website you can choose your advertiser manually, for getting approval from double click you have to submit your website and email address in official page of double cake by Google and then if your site match the terms and conditions they will give instant approval to your website after that you will able to monetize your website with this website, minimum payout amount on this website is similar to Google AdSense which is 100$ ,

 after reaching this minimum payout amount you can easily withdraw your amount by wire transfer there was no terms and condition while withdrawing your money in your bank account, with this website only quality and good ads will go live on your website which will increase user comfort they will never show a bug type ad on your blog, there was a lot of options while choosing ad sizes and variety you can choose pop ups and mobile ads particularly,

Fabulous features of double click by Google

• connected with a very big community named Google
• minimum payout amount is $100
• direct transfer to bank account ( wire transfer )
• fulfilled with quality ads, variety of ads sizes, Commission on per refferal
Let's get learn about more Google AdSense alternatives

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