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Small blog seo tips - get free visitors from search engines

Seo is a prime requirement for every small and big blog if you are running a small blog than only your blog seo can help you to make it big , if you really want to make a big blog than you have to put a lot of efforts in your blog search engine optimization, usually a new blogger does not have knowledge of seo and other necessary things which are important for getting success in blogging,
Small blog seo, blog seo

Search Engine Optimisation of any blog can be divided into several parts but some parts are important and very effective to blog visibility in search engine in very low time period.
Basic Search Engine Optimisation have some little requirements to get a rank on search engine results,
To make a blog visible on search engines you can follow these seo steps, these all steps are very effective in a low time,

Small blog seo requirements

1. Blog submissions into search engines

This is the first step towards your blogging successfull career, this is a necessary and important step of a blogging career because if you don't did this work you will never get a single visitor from search engines because search engine will not crawl your blog without this, for submit your blog to search engine you may visit
Submit your blog in search engines step-by-step
You can submit your blog URL into different and several search engines like Google , bing & yahoo
In this submission process you have to verify your blog ownership for more trust and visitors.
This process will take time to refer visitors on your blog but be patients for getting incredible count of visitors on a blog.

2. Social media marketing
In of Start a new blog this is the only way from where you get visitors for motivation, social media marketing is a necessary factor of blogging, make sure to share your every new blog post on several social media platforms for getting interest of visitors.

You may add different social media buttons on your blog page for give a option to user for share your blog post, if visitors like a post they may share your post easily with those buttons, this will increase your blog visitors count and make your blog famous among the people, this step works under off line seo, you don't have to make changes in your blog content just add some extra widgets for getting more views,
You can see all social media websites here which are good for your blog Best social media platforms for promote your blog

3. Keyword targeting and research
Targeting a specific keyword in every blog post is your first priority towards on page SEO, to make your blog searchable and visible in search engines you have to give some time to keyword research, keyword research is very important for on page SEO because every search engine will rank you in search result on the basis of your keyword quality and count in your content,
You may target different keywords in just single post by following these methods,
• just write long and big articles in your every blog post for targeting multiple keywords in single post,
• highlight the targeted keyword for getting more response from search engines
• don't repeat a single keyword multiple times in a post, this can affect your ranking in search engine results
• use only high quality keywords in your title and search description of each blog post for instant result of Keyword research
• target main keyword for your blog in your blog meta description,
• write more than one post on single topic for Assurance of getting a higher rank for that keyword,
• don't use anybody else title in your blog this can be a damage to your blog according to Google policy.

You made easily search low competition keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner, this website will give you all information about your search keywords that how much time this word search on Google and also show you related keywords which were searched on Google,

4. Backlinks

Backlink play a big role in rank of your blog post, In off page seo backlink will came first because your blog visibility in search engines also depend on your backlinks related to you post content, you can make a millions of backlinks in a single blog post, more you work on backlink more you get high rank in search results,
You can make high quality PR backlinks through commenting on a blog related to your blog topic, also make a great backlink through directory submission, you just have to include your blog URL or your post URL in every comment for making a backlink for your blog,
Backlink is like support link which tells Google that this website is trusted and have quality content which increase your website Crawl rate which will result in visitors.

5. Guest post ( as offline seo )

Guest post is a very clear and simple way to increase your blog visits dramatically if you are fond of writing articles then you can offer a big website owner to write on their website, if you get approval from owner you have to write a fabulous article and just include your blog URL in that article and submit it, if your written post go live on Thier website you will definitely get a lot of visitors from that post, this this is the best tip for small bloggers who want to grow their blog in low time period, your written article on that website will works like a high quality PR backlink which also increase your ranking in search results,
You may also write several guest post on different website for get more response from visitors, if you blog go viral you don't have to make any more efforts.

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