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Google opinion rewards earn money with Google

We all know Google but a few of us  know about Google opinion rewards, as you all know that Google is a multinational company which provides a lot of services to his users, we also know that we can work with Google from our smartphone or PC, there are lot of ways available to get paid with Google so Google opinion rewards is one of them,
Google opinion reward is a program launched by Google in which every person can be get paid by Google for giving reviews on Google products, Google will offer a survey to users in Google opinion reward application and if the user will the complete the survey then he will be get rewarded by Google according to pay rate.
Google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards is a real and authentic way to earn money online, you can easily earn free credit using Google opinion rewards application, this application is available for both IOS and Android devices so you can use this application on both devices, to get paid from Google you have to complete some surveys which were offered by Google according to your location and your activity.
Google will give survey to you which includes about 7-8 questions you have to give answer of those question according to your opinion and you have to rate someplace  which were asked in survey after completing a survey Google will add some credit into your Play Store account instantly.
Learn how to use Google opinion rewards to earn free credits
Google opinion reward is an application which is power by Google, you can easily install this application from Google Play Store or you can download it by this link Install Google opinion rewards from here
After installing this application follow this step to manage your account and earn free credits-
Earn credits, Google opinion rewards

1. Open this application and wait for some loading..
2. Choose an Gmail account to register on Google opinion rewards
3. Enter your name, pincode and country than click submit
4. Enter your address and give some basic information and save
Your account on Google opinion rewards have been created.
Now you will be asked 6 simple question to show you that how Google opinion rewards works , answer those questions and click submit.
After completing these all things in Google opinion rewards a survey will be given to you on the basis of your activities in your area, probably you will get a survey within a week just complete the survey and get credits from Google opinion reward.
Rewards, opinion, reviews

Sometime some people don't able to get surveys from Google opinion rewards for a long time this is so embarrassing, to prevent this problem you can follow this tips
Best way to use Google opinion rewards to earn more credits
• Google opinion reward will give surveys to you according to your location so please turn on your GPS while going out for shopping or somewhere else, this will increase your chances to get surveys on your Google reward application which will increase your earnings in Google.
• must open your google opinion reward application once a day to increase your chances to get more surveys on your application.
• share your history of Google opinion rewards with Google which will increase your chances to get surveys on your application to do this you can follow below mentioned stamps
1. Go to your Google application
2. Open the sidebar menu
3. Click on settings
4. You will see two options click second options with ' Google location history'
5. Turn on the option which will appear in your next screen

• we all know that' honesty is the best policy' so this rule also apply here, while giving the answer of the survey questions, give only right and clear opinion regarding asked product or services,if you give a froud opinion regarding any product, than Google will catch your this action and warn you for this dishonesty.

• use Google applications more and more for getting more surveys on Google opinion reward, install several applications which were powered by Google and get more surveys than another user.

How to use credits earned in Google opinion rewards application
Google, shop, credits

After completing some surveys you have some amount in your Google opinion reward application you can use this credit to buy apps and applications in Google Play Store, you can't withdraw your money directly into your bank, you only can buy Google products which are available in Google Play Store.

Benefits of Google opinion rewards and some basic tips to use
Google opinion reward will pay you more for lesswork than any other survey filling website, this application will provide you only genuine questions which are easy to answer and rate, this application will pay you in illegal currency of Play Store credit, you can use your credited amount to buy applications and services in Google Play Store.

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