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Google opinion rewards - earn Google play credits

Google opinion rewards is a programme powered by Google to get reviews and opinions of users for their products and services, you can use this service on your Android smartphone because this service is only available for mobile devices, you can easily install Google opinion rewards application from Google Play store in your smartphone, this is free of cost and you can install it on your IOS and Android devices, this application works survey and reviews, to get credits from Google have to complete some surveys and reviews which were asked by this application, Google opinion rewards is a fabulous application from which you can easily earn Google Play Store credits.
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How to use Google opinion rewards in your smartphone

This application is only available for mobile devices so to use this service you have to arrange mobile phone, start using Google opinion rewards just downloading from Google Play Store or you may download this from this link Download Google opinion rewards by clicking here.
This application is very simple to use even for a new user, every new user can easily apply and use this application, you can easily get start with Google opinion rewards in just some simple step,
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1. Install this application in your smartphone from Google Play store or just click upper link
2. Open application and enter some details like name, pincode and country.
3. Next fill some information like name, country, address, and pincode
4. Now your account in Google opinion rewards has been created
To earn credits from Google opinion rewards you have to complete some short surveys which were offered by Google based o your recent activities.

As we all know that some rules and regulations are very important at each place so some rules and regulations also apply here for better results and earnings.

Rules to use Google opinion rewards to get more credits 

• Honest answers of surveys will best for your earnings, Google will ask you some surveys
So give only right answers of them sometimes Google can check your honesty by asking a strange question or if you gave wrong answer of that question they will record your this action and you will have a warning of wrong activity

Get more surveys in Google opinion rewards by following these simple tips

1. Open this rewards app once in a day to increase your chances to get surveys on your app
2. To increase the chances of getting more surveys you me register with the old Gmail account in Google opinion rewards
3. Google opinion rewards will offer you survey on the basis of your activities and locations so this would be better to turn on GPS off your mobile device for whole day
4. Google opinion rewards will send you surveys according to your locations so this is very important to share your location history with Google
To share your location history with Google follow these steps
• go to you Google opinion rewards application in your mobile device
• click on sidebar menu of your application
• choose third option in list 'settings'
• now choose second option in present list 'google location history'
• now turn on this option if you find it off,
After turning this on Google can find out your location and you will be offered to fill a survey according to your location.
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How to use credits earned in Google opinion rewards application

After filling surveys in Google opinion reward application Google will credit some reward amount in your Google Play store account, To redeem your credits from Google opinion rewards you have to buy applications or services from Google Play Store, you can only use this credit in Google Play Store, it's not possible to withdraw this amount in your bank account, this credits only usable in purchase of any app or service which is offered by Google Play Store.

Countries in which you can use Google opinion rewards application

At first when this application was launched this is only offered in big countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Spain but after some time Google opinion rewards is available in India, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Mexico, new Zealand,Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands and Canada.
You can use this application in upper mentioned countries, if you are looking for a method to earn online money than this is perfact and easiest method to earn free credits from Google opinion rewards.

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