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Best seo tips blogger - Quick tips for search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is very important for a new blog on Blogger or even on wordpress, I also have a great experience of seo, I make a lot of efforts to make my blog seo friendly, i am not a seo expert at all but I learn all seo tactics from online search, I collect all knowledge about seo from my mobile phone and today I would like to tell my thoughts and tactics of search engine optimization to make a blog seo friendly.
Word seo can't be explained in just single world because this is a huge term for every web developer and blogger, to get cammand on seo you have to spent your time than after you can easily make your website or blog search engine optimization friendly.
Best seo tips blogger - instant result of search engine optimization efforts
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• Keyword research
Keyword Research and targeting is most important step in your website Search Engine Optimisation, you can say that targeting is backbone of your website Search Engine Optimisation, you will only get traffic from search engines if you work on your blog Keyword target ,if your post don't able to target specific keyword then you will don't get a single visitor from search engines because search engines will not rank your post in search results without any keyword target. Targeting a keyword in a post is not a hard work you just have to give focus on keyword which you want to target in your post.
Just write about the keyword if you want to target in your post give a short description about the word or you can write your post focused on that keyword, include that keyword in your post title and post search description for more response, highlight the main topic in your post on which you are writing post, this will very effective on search engines.
Keyword search will help you to target right keyword in your post because in keyword research you can compare the keywords quality and competition, if you choose low competition keyword with high search rate then you can easily get visitors from search engine from that keyword or if you choose high competition keyword then this is very hard to get visitors from search engines.
For simple and high quality keyword research you may visit Google Keyword Planner and  Semrush . These websites will show you compitition in your search keyword, there popularity and your compititive for that keyword. These websites show you all data from last 12 months for that Keyword.

• Backlink creation

Backlink is like a support to your website or blog because every search engine will always notice your backlinks  before giving a rank to your new post, its mean that backlink of your website affect your ranking in search results, to get a high rank in search result you have to create some backlinks related to your website content which increase your trust and size of your website in the view of search engines, you can make unlimited backlink with just single post, you can create backlinks with your post and homepage, backlink is very effective in Search Engine Optimisation of the blog, every big blog or website have a lot of backlinks related to their content which will increase the ranking in search results and make them big,
Backlinks, seo

To create a backlink You can choose any of way from below
• to make a simple and normal backlink you have to go on another website which have comment option with website URL, just comment on the article and leave your website URL and submit, this process will give you a dofollow backlink related to your given link,
If you want to create a backlink with your homepage just give your domain name in website section or if you want to create a backlink with your post just give your post permalink in website section.
• guest blogging is a very successful way to make high quality PR backlinks related to your blogger website, to make backlinks from this way you have to write some articles on several websites, just include your post or website link inside that article, this will make a high quality PR backlink, backlinks created by this method are very effective in Search Engine Optimisation.
• directory submission is also a great way to make backlinks with your website, to make backlinks with this way just search for directory submission websites and visit one of them,
Submit your website information and website URL to make a backlink submit your website information and website url to make backlinks.
For more information about backing creation you may visit  Backlinko.

• social media
Social media marketing will show you the first results of your seo efforts, this way of Search Engine Optimisation is very effective even on small blogs. because social media is a great place of visitors, you can find new visitors and opportunities with social media marketing for your new blog. Sharing your every new post on 7 social media platforms will increase your popularity between the audience and also referred as the traffic on your new blog post, many blogging platforms provide some cool widgets which are related to social media, its normal to see social media buttons on different websites most of the people new bloggers you social media buttons on their blog because these are a great way to share your blog post to  the people
Social media, seo

Sharability of your blog post is very important for your content growth, your blog post only be viral if people like your content and share your post to their friend circle, social media is a great platform to grow your small blog because there are millions of people who visit several social media platforms for share some information. You can choose manning social media sites to share your new post according to your friend circle, as we all know that Facebook is the largest social media networking website so you can make a Facebook page of your blog where you can invite your friends to join your page.

• search description
Search description in a important factor in Search Engine Optimisation because every search engine bot must crawl search description along with your post title before giving a rank to your post. Every post have a separate search description in which you can describe your post content in short words, search description plays important role in targeting keyword in your content, you can easily target a specific keyword in your post with the help of search description, you only have to include keyword in search description of your new post, this will affect your keyword targeting for post, to get amazing result from search description please choose low competition keywords in your search description which will increase your rank in search results for those low competition keywords, you can also attract visitors from your search description look because every visitors must read post search description before clicking on your post so write a beautiful and keyword rich search description for making a SEO friendly blog post.

• Image seo
Search Engine Optimisation your blog images is rarely used Search Engine Optimisation techniques, but this is very effective to small blogs, you can easily get a high rank for a post with the help of image SEO in your blog post, this technique is not so famous in Search Engine Optimisation marketing because if you people are aware about this technique, images used in blog also play a very important role ranking of your blog post, you can get visitors from your images also so don't forget to give some time to your images,
Most of the new bloggers don't have information of this type of Search Engine Optimisation and they ignore this and publish their post without image as see you this is negatively affect the blog Search Engine Optimisation which results in law ranking your blog post.
As you all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world, it don't send visitors to website from only link this also prefer traffic to your website by your images so images are very important in your Search Engine Optimisation of blog.
To manage your blog images you can give a caption to you used images and add some text for images which can be used for crawling by Google bots. Arrange your image size and give Some Tags to your you images which will increase your chances to get high ranking in search results.


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