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3 Advance AdSense alternatives for quick earnings

Google AdSense is the best website to place ads on your content but if you are looking for similar sites to monetize your website than a lot of options are available, as we all know that Google AdSense is a great combination of whole other websites because it have a lot of advertisement options, some of the web developers and bloggers need an alternative because they dont able to get AdSense approval on their website, it's very complicated to get Google AdSense approval on any website because there was a lot of terms and conditions, millions of new bloggers dont able to get AdSense approval on their small blog so don't disappoint, a lot of options are available to monetize your small blog and earn a big amount with them.
AdSense alternative, best alternative

Three advanced Google AdSense alternative for small blogs and websites
If you are running a new or small website and want to earn some money from this, these websites can help you to increase your revenue and also give you highest for your ad placements.

1. ( cpm based )
2. Commission junction ( affiliate base )
3. Infolinks ( CPC based )

These all Google AdSense alternatives are well known and respected websites you can trust on its website for monetization of your blogger website, if you are looking for a website to inform a small blog than these all websites are best for you and your content.

Benefits of all these Google AdSense alternatives

These all platforms are best and similar to Google AdSense and in some places a step forward from it, as we talk about benefits of these site ,there are a lot of benefits of these site at first those all sites are trusted and gives you a chance to work with world top brands without any compromise,
• provides you a clean and gentle way to monetize your small blog
• also works good with small websites and blogs with highest revanue ads
• less terms and conditions make them more easy
• no big traffic required just place and earn
• only high quality ads go live on your content with a variety of and sizes

1. is a partner website of bing and Yahoo search engines, so there are no doubt about its reality, this website is a leading advertising website in all over the world, of you have a small website or blog than you can use this for monitize your content.

• Benefits
• Based on cpm ( cost per impression ) so you not need click on ad for earning
• only high cpm bids go live with your content
• contaxtual advertising according to your content type
• $100 minimum payout same as google AdSense
• trusted website partners Yahoo and Bing

Best part of this adsense alternative is it's type of add this website support contextual ads which mean they first Reed your content and show ads related to your content which helps you to increase your revanue, this website pay you with PayPal and wore transfer so you can easily withdraw your amount from

2. Commission junction
Commission junction is largest website in affiliate marketing area, this website have about 2900+ advertisers which is really a big count, this adsense alternative is not similar to AdSense because this will not work on basic of CPC or cpm this website will work as a affiliate advertiser, this will pay you on the affiliate sales from your website

• Benefits
• biggest affiliate advertiser in all over the world
• A website with no minimum payout limit
• best for small websites or blogs
• Advertise with world top brands like addidas and Yahoo
• Highest revanue paid for per sign up using your website ad
• No requirements for getting approval of Commission junction
• No ads limit on your website single page

This Google AdSense alternative is very simple in use and very beneficial for small publishers, you can easily choose you favourite brand to advertise on your website, you can easily withdraw your money with PayPal and bank transfer, there are no hidden terms and conditions in this, cj also provides you a large choice of ad sizes for you page.

3. Infolinks
Infolink is second most popular advertising at work after Google AdSense, this website works similar to the Google AdSense because this will pay you on the basis of per click on placed ads, if you are looking for advertising network to replace AdSense you should try infolinks att once for better results, this will pay you highest CPC rate from different countries, this is trusted site and real advertising network,
Infolinks have something old looking dashboard but this have a big and large analysis system this website have a application for easy navigation of your website earnings

• Benefits
• second largest advertising network based on CPC and cpm
• low minimum payout amount with different payout ways
• best analysis and navigation system for easy earnings
• also work with Google AdSense which double your revanue
• only highest and high quality ads go live on your website for more impressions

This Google AdSense alternative have different charges and ways to withdraw your revanue you can easily withdraw your amount from any of these way,

Bank wire transfer - $25 charges 2%
PayPal - $1 ( u.s. Person ), $10 with 2% ( every one )
Echeck - $6 with 2%
Payoneer - no charges

Infolinks have a large amount of ad sizes according to your page size and content type, this is a simple website with low terms and conditions, just apply and earn money online.

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