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7 simple and cool seo tips to grow your website traffic

Search Engine Optimisation of any blog or website is not so easy for a naive so here are some simple seo tips are described which can easily understood by a new blogger and can easily apply on Thier blog, this all seo tips are genuine and working, you can see differences after applying these tips to your blog

7 simple and cool seo tips to grow your website traffic

Every search engine will gave a rank to your post after analysis of your content, search description and Tittle, so this is very important to make your post rich with seo friendly things, search engine optimization tips are directly effective to your rank in search engines results so gave some time to make seo friendly blog post, to do this work easily you should try this valuable and effective tips in your blog,
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1. Analysis of your competitors content and keywords

Every search engine must give preference to that post which give better experience to their users so the first valuable thing is your content quality if your content is full of valuable information and content then search engine will give high rankto your post then any other blog, to make your content better from your competitors you can analysis there keywords and content by using some websites which will tell you about your competitors highlighting keywords and content, you can compare your keywords with your competitors keywords which will help you to improve your content quality and keywords, every search engine shows more than 5 results for a single keyboard so this is very hard to get a rank in those 5 positions it's only possible when you have better than than your competitor for that targeted keyword,

To get higher rank with simple efforts you can check keyword competition in different search engines which will very helpful to target right keyboard with low competition and high search rate.
It will only have for to you till you don't copy your competitors content this is not good for your blog, just take some ideas for your competitors ascent and try to write better than your competitor for getting more response from search engines.

2. Search Engine Optimisation used images in your blog post

Images are very important for every post publish for your audience because images can engage new visitors on your blog and also make your content beautiful, images with engage visitors to read your content more than their interest, images also work for your Search Engine Optimisation because I am researching you will refer traffic to your Blog by two methods first from direct search and second from images, you may get visitors from your images by making some effort to make your images SEO friendly,
Images used in your blog post plays a major role in your blog Search Engine Optimisation, make your images Search Engine Optimisation family by giving a caption to your image and by adding keywords to your image.

3. Meta description and search description of your blog post

Description of your blog and your specific post is very important for search Engine Optimisation, every search engine also read your blog description and post description before giving a rank to your blog post in search results,
Meta description of your blog is some lines which tell search engine about your blog type and specific topic, it will also be shown under your blog Tittle this description is only releted to your blog homepage.
Each new post have a new specific search description which will help you to attract visitors and target new Keywords, this description will be shown under every post you publish to your blog, you can write up to 500 words in this search description, you may cry about your post topic in search description to attract visitors from search engines.
Meta description plays important role in Search Engine Optimisation of your blog because you can I get keywords using meta description, you have to write about your blog topic and block time in meta description along with target keywords to get response from search engine.

4. Broken link building and backlink creation

As we all know that backlinks are very important for Search Engine Optimisation of any blogger website, backlink can affect your post rankings in search engine directly so this is very important to make a great good quality backlinks related to your post,
Backlinks can be made by several methods,
you can create a do follow backlink by commenting on a blog article which is related to your post topic, makeing backlinks through comment is very easy way to create backlinks but they will very effective on your rank of your post in search results
Writing a guest post is another way to make high quality PR backlinks, you can get instant results by making these type of backlinks, write a good article on a famous website and pate your blog link inside article if your written article will ranked by website then you will get a most valuable backlink which will boost your ranking in search results.

5. Length of your posts and articles inside your blog

Most of the new bloggers don't write posts more than 300 words which is very low count for their blog Search Engine Optimisation this is practically proven that long and more lengthy posts are shown at the top of search results for every keyword, writing long posts in your blog is very helpful to get a higher rank in search results,
A research says that small post never be ranked at the top of search results for high competition keyword, Google or other search engines must want to serve better information to the other users so Google will rank only the articles which have a lot of information and quality content, sometimes Google bots prefer long and lengthy articles instead of small and short articles so to prevent this problem you may write a long post.
This is not the only reason for writing length articles some other factors also related to this like that targeting keyword is very easy with long articles because of density of keywords in your article you may also make better content in long article instead of small's.
You may give better experience to your users by giving them a explanation of your service and your information this will also help you to engage visitors for more time on your website.

6. Targeting different types of keywords and importance of permalink

About blogging career is totally depend on our blog quality and Search Engine Optimisation so this is very important to have a knowledge about keyword targeting, keyword targeting is a very important step in Search Engine Optimisation of any website or blog you will only get visitors from search engines by targeting a specific keyword for each of your post, targeting keywords is not so difficult but it takes timeto show you results, you can target your keywords in your content, post search description, post title, post link and inside your used images.
For getting best response from keyword targeting please choose a low competition and a highly searched keyword, you can take idea of easy Keywords by Google suggestion, just choose long tail keyword from them and target that in your blog post.
Permalink (specific link for each post)

Permalink plays a very effective role in search engine optimization of any blog, choosing a right link is very nessessery for your appearance in Search results, you can target keyword in your permalink, choose a short and Keyword rich link for your post.

7. social media marketing tactics

Sharing your every new post is very important for your offline SEO, we all know that social media platforms are latest wait to get free visitors on any post, you may had several social media buttons on your blog seo that will increase your post shares which will be beneficial for your blog, you can make several pages on different social media platforms for better response.
You can make a fan page on Facebook, you can write answers on quora for getting free and organic visitors from those platforms, this is also very effective on new blogs, social media is a  great source of free visitors.

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