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Google opinion rewards India - earn free Google play credits

Google opinion rewards is a fabulous application that pay for your opinion, this application is is now available in India, Indian users really need such type of application to share there opinion about services and products.
Google opinion rewards is a application where you will be get paid for your opinion about their products and services, as we all know that there are many applications are available before these which are paying for opinions but this application has some specific reason which made this very helpful and more preferable than any other survey opinion website.
India, Google opinion rewards

Best things make Google opinion reward better from other applications in India

• This is a real and authentic application which will pay you in real.
• This is powered and offered by Google it means it is very responsive to you.
• easy and short surveys make this application different from others.
• Instant credit of your reward points after each survey completion.
• Easy way to redeem your rewards from Google opinion rewards application.
• Get helped for any query just from application.
• Surveys offered according to your activities and location.
• Get highest reward for every survey in Google opinion rewards.
• Small size of application, easy to install from Google play store.

Information about Google opinion rewards credit in India

Google opinion reward will pay you in the form of credit these credits will automatically credited into your account after completing a survey, there was not any fix amount of reward for survey this will depend on server quality and questions in survey,
Google opinion rewards application credit can only be used to buy applications and services from Google Play Store, you can easily buy any application for service from Google Play Store with the help of these earned credits in Google opinion rewards application, it's only way to redeem your credit you can't withdraw your reward in your bank accounts.

Some negative points in Google opinion rewards application

Google opinion reward application is performing well in India but this website need some small changes to give more interesting service to its user, so small improvements can make this application favourable for users
• this application provides less surveys then any other website because this application will work according to location and activities
• now in India this service is available only for mobile devices there was no desktop version of this app
• you can redeem your credits in Google Play Store for buying apps but you can't withdraw your credit into your bank account this is a difficulty for users

Tips to get more surveys in Google opinion rewards in India

As I already mentioned that Google opinion rewards on the basis of your location and your activity so this is very difficult to get a survey by Google opinion reward application. To get more surveys in your Google opinion rewards application you should apply these  methods in your application
• this application will offer survey on the basis of your location so please turn on your GPS off mobile device for getting more surveys in your application.
• Open this application minimum one time in a day to increase your chances to get Surveys in this application.
• share your location history with Google opinion reward application to get more surveys on your installed application to share this is true with Google you may follow this these steps,
 1. Go to your Google opinion reward application in a mobile device
 2. Open sidebar menu of your application
 3. Click on settings and then choose Share location history option
 4. Now turn on your location history to share your history with Google.
• install more apps in your mobile device which word powered by Google to increase chances to get Surveys in your application.

Similear application to earn free money on your mobile device in India 

This is not a single application of this type there are many options are available at Google Play Store full free credits for a opinion, you may get started with any of these website to get free money in India, those applications are perfect and genuine applications which will give you a chance to earn money with your opinions.

1.Swagbuck  - this is the same application like Google opinion rewards which pay you for completing some surveys, this application can be installed from Google Play Store you can easily make account with your gmail address in it. There was no problem of the less survey in it many of the service always available at Dashboard of this application you may complete any survey in any time.

2. Toluna - toluna is a very popular application in this field this is a perfect application to earn money online with your opinions you can easily install this application from Google Play Store or you can download APK by searching on Google this asset also pay you for your opinions you can use this in India also this application will pay you in points after completing every Survey, you can redeem your points in Paypal credit or you may buy a eCommerce website gift card for shopping online.

3. Skrilo - this application is a very fantastic way to earn free credit for your opinion you can easily earn gift cards by completing some events in this application, this is a application of this type you can easily register on this application by installing it from Google Play Store, you can easily buy gift card of your reward.

Google opinion rewards Application now available in India

Google opinion reward application is very popular in all over the world, in start this application will only offered in selected countries and India is not in them but today this application is also available in India and you're very popular application in India, millions of user using Google opinion rewards in India and making great.

Response and reviews from India for Google opinion rewards application

After launch of this application in India application become very popular in India so its unique style, you can simply earn free credits by completing surveys in this application this is a very trusted site because this is powered by Google, millions of download had already done from Google Play store in India that prove its popularity in India in my suggestion and easy way to earn free Google play credits by doing nothing.

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