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15 killer seo tips for blogger, set up your new blog quickly

Search Engine Optimisation blogspot blog is divided into several parts and it each part have different importance in to SEO of blog,SEO of a new blog very important to get searched on search engines with their targeted keywords, if you don't make effort to make your blog SEO friendly then your blog never be ranked in search results,To rank high in search results of several search engines you have to follow some important and basic steps of Search Engine Optimisation,Below mentioned all tips are for beginners if you are new in blogging then you can easily follow below mentioned tips and apply them into your blog for growth​.

Search Engine Optimisation of any website or blog is a slow process you have to keep patient for see the result of your SEO efforts,

15 killer SEO tips for blogger step by step
Usually a new blog or don't have information about Search Engine Optimisation, to get visitors from search engine you have to be work on your seo , in start you will have to face some issues with the blog but after spending some time on web you can easily manage your blog,
These all tips are very effective for new blog just learn them and apply to your blog for good results in less time.

keyword research
Keyword research is very important for a blogger, in keyword research you can analysis all data of your targeted keywords, this will help you to target right keyword in your blog post, this will also give you a opportunity to take a great step toward keyword targeting.
You can easily analysis any keyword data by using Google keyword planner, this website will show you data of keyword from last 12 months.

• search description
Search description is also related to your blog SEO, this will also affect your ranking in search results, to get high rank in search results give a beautiful search description to each of your post,
Search description, blogger

must include targeted keywords in search description for more response in search engines, write a medium sized search description which will increase your rank in comparison of your competitive.

• Tittle of your new post
Your title is like backbone of your blog post SEO, if you write a title with rich keywords then your post automatically get a rank in search results, to write a good title for each of your post you can take suggestion from Google search results, use suggested keywords in Tittle for more visitors from search engines, your blog and post titles are crawled by Google before giving a suitable rank to your post so please write a beautiful and keyword rich title to each of your post.

• Custom robot text
Custom robot text is a html code which can effect your ranking in search results, this html code tell Google to crawl your pages and allow Google to index your pages quickly, you can also gave command to Google bots to not to index pages with the help of this html code,
You can easily implant this html code in your blogger blog at setting section of your blogger account.

• Image seo
Most of new bloggers not knows about this seo step, you can also make your used images seo friendly by giving them suitable tittle and alt text, you can add caption of image, your given tags to images also effect your seo in your blog, to add tags of image just click on image and choose properties option in blue option bar, add tittle and tags in appeared​ option,
Image seo not only effect your ranking but also refer traffic on your blog by image result in google, images are also a good source of visitors if you have done image seo in your used images.

• meta description
Meta description is like a search description of your blog, meta description will be shown by search engines when anybody search for your domain, this plays a very important role in search engine optimization of any blog, you can write a meta description in upto 500 words, you have to describe all of your blog content type, topics and your aim in just 500 words, for making your blog seo friendly you have to add your mostly targeted keywords in meta description

you are writing blogs on jokes and fun than you can write your blog meta description in this way ' a blog about fun and jokes , get unlimited jokes related to your daily life '

• post backlink
Backlink is a very important step towards making your blog seo friendly, you can easily make backlinks with your blog posts and your homepage, backlink works like support to your site, this make your site more trusted which will effect your rank in search engines results, to make great backlinks just share your URL on more and more websites.

• social media marketing
Visitors count of new blog totally depends on their social media network to get new and unique visitors for free and fast you can use social media marketing even on your small blogs, this is a unique as your teeth which can increase your visitors count instantly within some hours this will also make your blog famous among the people, social media marketing also build a great backlink network which will help you to get her drunk in search results, this method works under offline SEO techniques you don't have to make any changes in your content just share your you are here more and get traffic for free.

• guest blogging
Guest blogging is also works under offline SEO, in this step you have to find a website which requires a writer or you can send request to the blogs or promote your blog on there blog in exchange of writing articles for them, you have to write good article on there blog if they were happy from your article than you can paste your URL in that article which will work like a great backlink, its not enough that link will refer a lot of visitors on your blog because big blog have a large number of visitors.

• permalink of blog post
blogger, permalink

Permalink is a specific link of your blog post, permalink is not only a link but also a seo factor, permalink also effect your blog appearance in Google search results, every new post have a new automatic permalink according to your blog tittle but this is not good for your blog seo, please add a custom permalink for each of your new post, you can target keyword in permalink for better results, use high quality keywords and low compitition keywords in your permalink for good seo.

• links inside blog
Links used inside your blog also work with your blog seo, use high quality and big websites URL into your blog for get high crawl rate from search engines, these links increase your site trust in view of bots, these links also help visitors to find best content and also help you to manage visitors to spend more time on your blog. Use links according to your topic, you can put your post link to get free reference.

• language selection
Language of your posts also effect your blog reputation, as we all know that English is a mostly used language in all over the world so this is better to write blogs in English language but sometimes opposite of this also work, if you are living in a country which have a huge population then you can try your mother maiden language for get visitors from your own country.
You can add Google translate widget in your blog for translation of your language into language according to visitor choice.

• Google analytics
Google analytics is best tool to observe your activities on your blog, you can easily manage your goals and revanue with the help of Google analytics, this website will show you all details of visitors and session of your blog, you can manage interest of visitors with Google analytics, watch real time users in Google analytics.
A android and iOS app is also available of this website just click here for download Try analysis,
You can easily implant analytics user id into your blog just like it,
Google analytics user id

• Add RSS feed 
RSS feed is very important for getting regular visitors, add a custom feeder or you can try a blogger RSS feed widget in your blog, if you don't like these RSS feed programme than try Mailchimp , to provide better email notifications to your visitors, this will work like a magic on your blog because help of this people are able to stay connected with your every new post, this will also provide a good look to your blog which is better for user experience.

• words in your content ( legnth of post )
Length of your every new post must be above from 500 words because this is the minimum requirement of seo, every search engine give preference to the long post then a small post because its common that more long post means more information which will give a better experience to user, to get a high rank on google search results you may write a post between 500 - 1000  words which will best for your blog Search Engine Optimisation, length of your post also affect your keyword targeting because more words in your post target more than one keyword which will help you to get high rank in search results for different keywords.


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