Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Top three disapproval reasons from adsense

World largest advertising community AdSense gave approval to some specific websites which are completely according to there guidelines. AdSense receive millions of application for approval but they only gave approval to some of thousands.Reason, steps, adsense

Google AdSense gave a solid reason for disapproval of your application, you can read all the requirements for getting Google AdSense approval on this page
Google AdSense use these three reasons with this approval mail to convence applicant.

Top three disapproval reasons in Google AdSense application

 1. Insufficient content
2. Multiple AdSense accounts
3. Copyright claim

1. Insufficient content
Google AdSense will disapprove your application if your blog or website doesn't meet minimum requirement of text on pages and posts. If you are submitting a AdSense application with 1 day old blog then they will disapproved application with reason of insufficient content on pages because your site doesn't have pages on home page and also  not meet Minimum requirements of text on published posts.
You can solve this problem with writing minimum 15 to 20 blogs on new blog just write posts on your blog and resubmit your application.
One more thing is important for approval that is your blog navigation system if you have about us, privacy policy, disclaimer and contact us pages on your blog then blog will confirmely approved.
2. Multiple AdSense account
This is second biggest disapproval reason from AdSense, sometimes we make more than one AdSense account but this is against AdSense policy so to get get approval in your AdSense account please make sure that you have only one AdSense account in active condition. If you have two AdSense accounts and your application is disaproved with this reason than please cancel your one AdSense account and than apply from second AdSense account, or if you would like to use old adsense account than please cancel your new AdSense account for getting AdSense approval.
Or if your AdSense account was hosted by YouTube so please use a top level domain to get AdSense approval ( also on blogger)

While using blogger there was a prefixed widget on dashboard you can easily apply for new AdSense account from there and you will get approval mail in next two days if your​ blog qualify AdSense requirements.

3. Copyright claim
This is a major problem because some of new Bloggers use copyright material on there blog for seo purpose but they were doing wrong, they were never be approved by Google experts because this is against Google AdSense policy. I know that this is a effective way to make your blog seo friendly but this is not right way of writing blog.
If you really want Google AdSense approval than remove all copyright data from your blog and use own creation for writing blogs.

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