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YouTube seo- rank your video on YouTube best guide simple steps

Making YouTube videos is a great way to earn money online with your talent if you are running a YouTube channel and uploading videos continuously but you are facing a small problem of getting low rank on search results then you can follow these methods to rank high your videos in YouTube search results.
YouTube search results is totally based on your keywords and description words if you have used good quality keywords in your video description and tags then YouTube automatically rank your video on top results, rank of YouTube video can be changed by YouTube search bots on the basis of views and duration of your videos watch time if you are able to engaging the people to watch your video for long time then YouTube will show your videos on the first result for targeted keyword.
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Important factors which can affect your YouTube video ranking in YouTube search results
YouTube video ranking was engaged by YouTube search bots. if you would like to rank your YouTube videos on the top of search results then this important factors can help you for doing this work.
1. Keyword research
Keyword research is  most effective way to increase your ranking in YouTube results , let's think that you are making videos on games so you should have to make a research on top gaming keywords searched on YouTube daily, in the start of YouTube channel you may choose a two or three word phrase as a targeted keyword but after getting some subscribers on your YouTube channel you can target single words in YouTube tags which works best for you.

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2. YouTube video description
Your YouTube video description plays a very important role in rank of your videos in results for target keywords, more better you write your video description more your video get ranked on YouTube results, for writing a better description follow some basic needs of description,
• include your own social media links in description
• describe your video content, it means write about your information in short way which you are describing in video
• Must use targeted keywords in description for better rank
• include your YouTube videos link related to this video content for more traffic and shares
• don't repeat keywords which you are targeting in YouTube search this can affect your rank

3. Tag in YouTube videos ( targeted keywords for results )
Tags of your YouTube videos is most important step to make your videos best for see search results If you are using normal tags in your YouTube video then your video never be ranked High by YouTube because millions of youtubers are using same keywords, To choose effective and most popular keywords you may research on some keywords to improve your rank.
For choosing best tags for YouTube videos you may also use YouTube, just go to the search bar of the YouTube and type first word related to your content YouTube automatically suggest you some keywords and short phrase related to your entered word you may choose those suggested words as you tags in YouTube results.

4. Title of YouTube videos
This is the prime factor of your YouTube video ranking if you choose a good title for a video than your video must be ranked higher in YouTube search results but if your video's tittle don't related to your video content or you are using a high competition video title than their was a little chance of high rank, to choose better and low competition title for your videos you can try upper mentioned idea.

5. YouTube creator profile and page
Every YouTube channel have a page of his channel if you have a fully engaged page of YouTube creator and you have filled your all profile requirements then your videos will be ranked higher in the comparison of people who  don't complete their profile.

6. Video duration
Length of a video is very effective on video rank at YouTube search results, if you upload a video with duration of 2 or 3 minute then there was a little chance that YouTube will Rank your videos because in this case crawl bots think that the video have not any strong information so they don't rank it instead of small videos, YouTube give preference to lengthy videos which were full of Information and content.
For getting a high rank on search results make videos up to 9 or 10 minutes long for getting more response from search result visitors.

6. Make a great thumbnail
Thumbnail of your YouTube videos also effect your ranking in search results because thumbnails Can attract traffic and visitors and if the visitors watch your video full time, than  this can make your video trusted in the YouTube view point.

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