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Rank high in search results quickly - seo blog tips

SEO of any blog is not a simple work you have to put a lot of efforts for making a blog post SEO friendly normally seo not belongs to a simple change to make a post SEO friendly. You have to make a lot of changes in all design of your blog post.
If you are a beginners then you have to learn the basic and must things to rank higher on Google search results.
Mainly blog seo depends on some important factors which can make your blog seo friendly.
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Important steps to make blog seo friendly
Below mentioned all topics are most important factors in search engine optimization of blog, these all points play a main role in blog seo.

1. on page seo
2. Off page seo
3. Blog seo settings
4. Webmaster 
5. Backlinks
6. Keyword targeting
7. Image seo
8. Social media marketing
9. Custom robot text
10. Paid Champaigns

Detail of all mentioned steps of SEO blog

1. On page seo

In this SEO step you can include all efforts which you use to make your blog page SEO friendly, this step is directly related to your page content if you want to work good in this step then you have to take care of some Little Things while writing the blog post, while writing a blog post you have to concentrate on keyword targeting and image SEO, this is called "on page SEO" because you can only do this while writing a new blog post.

2. Off page SEO

Off page SEO is directly related to your blog or website theme and other supported links if you want to perform better in this step then you have to make some changes in your blog theme, choose a better looking theme and make a clear navigation system for Google bots.Sharing to all social media platforms are work under this.

3. Blog seo settings

Setting of your blog for search appearance is also a important step while making a seo rich blog, if you don't have knowledge of blog setting than you can just follow these two simple steps

1. Turn on your custom robot header text  and make these changes in this search preference option.

Header text,setting,blogger

2. Link your webmaster account with your blog to submit your blog in search engine.

4. Google webmaster
Google webmaster is most used platform to submit a new blog or website in Google search engine, Google webmaster is also a great way to get free organic visitors, in webmaster you have to login with your Gmail account and than after add your URL in this, after all this process submit your URL site map in sitemap option.
Get help in submission of URL in Google search engine

5. Backlink
Backlink is very important for get high rank in Google search result, Google will only rank you high when you have strong backlink related to your blog pages URL, backlinks make your website more trusted in the eye of Google search bots, this will also increase your website crawl rate that will result in more impressions, to build backlink of website just share your link on several sites and use big website URLs in your blog post.

6. Keyword targeting
Keyword targeting can only be done while writing blog posts, if you are writing blog posts on a specific topic than you can easily target keywords releted to your topic but make sure to target low compitition and more word (long phrase) keywords to get high rank easily because of low compitition, to find perfact keywords you can check keyword terms in Google keyword planner, this will show you all data of any keyword on search engine.
Go to keyword planner

7. Image seo
Image seo in blog post is also a step to make a seo friendly blog post, Google also refer traffic to your website through image so make sure to work on images, add a reliable caption to every image and give a suitable tittle and also gave alt text to every image for being search in Google photos, make best images and gave perfact detail to creat a good seo record. Do not use copyright images in any blog.
Best image seo step to drive traffic on your blog

8. Social media marketing
Social media marketing is a great way to build a strong backlink network and this step also refer traffic to your blog, share your every blog post on several social media sites to get more response from people, Google also check your URL reach in several social media sites to rank you on search results so share more your post to get instant and long term traffic.
Top social media sites to share your blog posts - most effective

9. Custom robot text.
Custom robot text is a html code that have been used by people to gave permission (allowance) to Google to crawl all pages in their blog, this is a important step while making a seo rich blog, must enable your custom text in settings and paste below mentioned html code in space, this step will play a important role in blog seo.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
10. Paid campaigns
Paid campaigns is also a good way to get high rank on Google search results you can easily make a campaign in Google AdWords and you can bid on releted keywords, than after when people search for that keywords Google will show your address at the top, this is a easy way but this will cost you little money so if you have a profitable website or you can afford this cost than this can drive traffic on your blog.


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