Thursday, 16 November 2017

How to test your website speed for better user experience

Website speed is a important factor for giving a smooth performance to your users, after long research and analysis of website we reach at conclusion that most of websites lost their half of visitors because of their long loading time of website, so to solve this problam you can check your website speed and issues of slow speed by following these small steps,
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If you are also facing slow loading speed of your website or blog even on fast internet connection than I suggest you to test your url speed and look into reason behind this,

Steps to check website speed and performance on multi screen size

It is important to make changes in website  according to screen size so to check performance of your website on diffrent screen sizes follow these steps.
There are many sites are available for checking speed of your website but I will recommend you to choose best of them Which is powered by Google and called

Check website performance issues ::-

1. Open this link in your browser for check speed and issues
2. Enter url of website or blog of which you want to check just like this
Speed,website speed

3. Click on analyze after entering the url.
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4. Wait for while processing is on the way wait till it reach 100%

5. After this process you will see two sub - options ::- mobile & desktop

6. To check your website performance on mobile screen click on mobile and to check website performance on desktop click on desktop option.

7. Google developer is a fabulous website this will tell you all issues along with their solutions.

This process will tell you about every issue in your website, or if your website have not any issue then this will show you green sign.

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