Monday, 6 November 2017

Get Google AdSense approval easily - five steps

Approval from Google AdSense is a dream for every new blogger, every blogger want to monetize his blog with Google ads, Google is a multinational company and Google AdSense is a part of Google,before giving approval to any blog for AdSense, Google check some basic information about that blog because Google don't want unnecessary content with ads.
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Google set some strict guidelines before giving approval to any application, to complete all the guide lines you must have information of them to fulfill them.

Adsense is not a small community it have a large networks of publishers and advertisers so before approve any application they check your website strictly and gave approval if your site is original.
You can easily get AdSense approval by following some of these steps, these tips are original and result of my own experience, I also get AdSense approval after a lot of tries, I submit my application for three times and I got approval in fourth submission.

Five golden steps for monetize your blog with Google ads

1. Original content and images
2. Unique domain or subdomain name
3. Easy navigation system
4. Positive quality content
5. Single AdSense account ( hosted & non-hosted issues)

• description of all steps for use in your blog::-

1. Original content and images
AdSense is a respected community which only allow those blogs which are totally unique and full of original information any blog only approved by Google AdSense when content in blog was original and non copyrighted.
If you have ever used copyright material on your posts please remove them before submitting an application to AdSense because this is a major reason of disapproval.
Write manually don't use copy - paste method in writing blogs.

2. Unique domain name
In start of blogging career person don't know about importance of domain name but after sometime they feel some difficulties with domain name in getting approval from Google AdSense and also from other platforms, this is not a major problem and also can be a reason of rejection to your Google AdSense application, If you are using a top level domain name with a non original word like Android, iOS and other companies then your application will be this approved by Google experts because this is Google AdSense policy,
While using blogger you can start a blog with subdomain name, AdSense allow only blogger subdomain name if you are using any other blogging platform with subdomain name then your application definitely disapproved because lake of top level domain.

3. Easy navigation system (homepage)
A clear navigation system is must for getting Google AdSense approval, after submitting the application to the AdSense, firstly they see your site navigation system, if you have sufficient pages on your homepage and you have a clear navigation system then they can give you approval but if your site don't have any pages on your blog then they will disapprove your application with the reason of insufficient content on pages, this is the biggest reason of disapproval so make sure you have sufficient pages like about us, contact us, disclaime,  privacy policy and much more like these.
There are four pages are most important and necessary to eligible for Google AdSense.
 • privacy policy
 • contact us
 • about us

4. Positive quality content
Google is a well respected community in all over the world and known as biggest brand in all world so they have set some guidelines for page and post quality. If you include any negative keywords in your blog then they will disapprove your application, this is a fairly suggestion for getting Google AdSense approval to use only positive and informative keywords in blog post.
Informative and Tech blogs are best for attracting experts, running a blog about any information is best topic to get AdSense approval easily.

5. Multiple AdSense accounts
Multiple AdSense account reason is second biggest reason of disapproval of application in AdSense If you are using multiple AdSense account on single blog then they will disapprove your second AdSense application because they don't support multiple AdSense accounts on single blog. Most of the people make multiple accounts on AdSense but they were not able to get approval even on single.
If you have multiple AdSense account and you really want to get approval then please cancel your first AdSense account and try to get approval with second.

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