Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Free domain registration for blogger

Blogger provides a subdomain to start blogging for free of cost but when you  write about hundreds of post on your blog you really need a top level domain for getting AdSense approval. Top level domain is first priority of every blogger to get Google AdSense approval on blog.
You can buy any top level domain from domain registrars but they will charge you for that domain and you have to pay monthly charge on domain.
If you don't want to spend any money on blogging then you can buy a free domain for your blogger blog. This is free and similar to the paid top level domain, there was no big differences between free domain and paid domian. 
Register a domain for free of cost for blogger
When you search for free domain name on web , you will get a lot of options but most of them are fraud or not useable. If you would like to register a domain for free then please follow below mentioned steps::-

• just click on this link or go to freenom ( a free domain name registrar)
• sign up using your email address or Facebook account.
Free domain

• click on register a domain option at present page
Free domain
• enter desired domain name and search availability of domain
Free, domain

• choose free domain name from appeared list and then click on checkout
Free, domain

• fill out some details and information about order and click on order
They will send a order confirmation on your email, this is a top level domain you can use this domain in blogger and WordPress. I use this site from a while and I bought a lot of domains for my blogs for free.

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