Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Event blogging tips for beginners step-by-step

Event blogging is a great way to start blogging,  event blogging can make your blogging career bright,  event blogging is very beneficial and very easy than normal blogging on any topic, in event blogging you not need any specific information or knowledge about any topic you just have to write blog post on upcoming events (festival). 
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Starting with event blogging is similar like normal blogging because in start google take time to index your all published posts,
After all index process you can see clearly difference between event blogging and normal blogging. 
Tips and important steps to start event blogging 

●Event blogging is not based and targeting on a specific topic, you can freely change your topic when you want, and this is also nessessery thing for get success in event blogging, make sure you are writing on multiple issues for more response from search engines. 
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● Event blogging is totally depend on your timing if you are able to write posts on right time before any festival than you can easily get views on blog, you should write your blog post before 2 or 3 months before the festival.

● for getting success in event blogging you should write about 50 to 60 post of upcoming event, this will help you to get more response from search engines, 

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●writing more post about a event will increase your chances to be ranked on first page results.

● writing multiple posts on a event will increase your chances of targeting more suitable keywords for more result.

Difference between event blogging and normal blogging

Event blogging not need any topic for write you can write blogs on various occasions but in opposite normal blogging is totally based on a sepefic topic.
Timing of writing blog post is very important in event blogging but normal blogging not need a timing.
Event blogging not need seo efforts to rank high on Google search engines but normal blogging need a lot of efforts in seo for get ranked high on Google.
Event blogging is very fast way to be a blogger instead of this in normal blogging you need time and patience to be a successful blogger.

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