Saturday, 11 November 2017

Best referring site for blog post

Social media sites can play a major role in performance of your new blog, if you are writing blog and need some visitors for more earning than you have to take some important steps, writing blog posts is not enough you must have to share your written blogs on several social media websites for attracting visitors and advertisers towards your blog.
As we all know that there are many social media platforms are available for share your content but all sites can't help you in this work, only sum well designed and big sites can help you in this matter.

Importance of social media sites in your blog performance
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Social media sites are a good way to share your content because you don't have to pay for using them, you can share unlimited content on social media platforms for free.

• you can get million of free visitors base on any social media site
• traffic from social media sites are totally free of cost
• social media sites provide you only organic visitors
• work faster than any other way 

Best sites to share your blog ( 100 % working)

• Google + ( recommend )
• Quora
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Facebook
• YouTube
• yahoo
• google
• Pinterest

1. Google+ ( Go to Google plus)
Google plus is a social community which is provided by Google, this is a genuine and one of the biggest social media sites. You can share your post on Google plus, you also can make a page of your content, this is 100% free and very effective in short time, this is a fabulous website which can transfer slot of visitors on your content, about 5 million users use Google plus daily so you can easily get response from this site.

2. Quora ( Go to quora)
Quora is not so popular as other social media sites but this website have a huge visitors count, this is world largest questions & answering site, you can promote your blog on quora by sharing your blog link in any answer, you also can make a different blog with the help of this website, for promote your blog you can write answers with your blog link.
You will get instant response from this platform.

3. Twitter(Go to Twitter)
Twitter is one of the most trusted social media sites, you can use Twitter for share your blog, just make a account on Twitter and post your every blog post on Twitter, this is free of cost you can manage all post on Twitter, people also can follow your blog on Twitter, this website also help you in backlink creation, you will not get instant response from this you have to gave time to this.

4. Facebook(Go to Facebook)
Facebook is a perfect site to share your blog, you can easily share your blog posts with help of Facebook, make a official page on Facebook for more trust, easily get reach with whole world, you can also share your blog on Facebook​by investing some money (Facebook works best with paid method).
Make a friend group on Facebook and share your daily post in group.

5. YouTube ( Go to YouTube )

YouTube is world second largest search engineso there a lot of people are available who use YouTube daily, you can make a YouTube channel and publish your video with your blog link, you also can paste your blog link in description of your videos, tell about your blog in your every video for more response from YouTube.

6. Yahoo  (Go to yahoo)
This is not a social media website, this website is one of largest search engines so you can use yahoo for share your blog posts, you can submit your blog to yahoo Search engine for getting free organic visitors from yahoo Searchs, you also can use yahoo for place ads, yahoo will provide you free organic visitors from world top countries.

7. LinkedIn (Go to LinkedIn)
LinkedIn is a social media site with above 200 million visitors you can use LinkedIn for share your blog post, LinkedIn is an job searching website, you can submit your blog as a community in linke in for response, share your every post on LinkedIn for getting fair and original traffic.

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