Sunday, 5 November 2017

Best blogging tips for creating a beautiful blog

Writing beautiful blog is an art of bloggers and this part of blogging also make differences among bloggers, some of the bloggers have a lot of knowledge but they are not able to express Thier 100% of knowledge, in other case some of the bloggers have less knowledge but they can impress visitors with Thier writing skill.
Blogging, beautiful

Blog writing is a mixture of writing art and knowledge, if you are perfect in both categories then you can be a successful​Blogger, to improve your writing skill you can just follow some tips.
Your blogging career is depend on your blog look, making beautiful blogs will improve your rank in all search engine results along with your earning.
Important factors for making blog beautiful
As we all know that blog design is depend on some main factors at blogger dashboard, if we have information of that that factors then we can give our best in our blog.

1. Blog headline - name
In blogger blog you can see a headline on the top of your blog so this is a main factor of your blog, you can change this in settings, please choose a reliable and unused headline for your blog, this will be visible to all the visitors who visit your blog.

2. Blog theme
Blog theme is backbone of your blog because your blog design is depend on your blog Theme, Please choose a reliable theme according to your content from theme section in Blogger dashboard. You have a lot of options while choosing themes, themes in blogger also separated according to category which will help you to choose right theme for your content.
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3. Layout of blog
Blogger layout is like blueprint of your blog, you can arrange the whole widget in layout section of blogger, you can set all the widgets according to your choice, changes made in layout will directly effect on your blog appearance.

4. Logo of your blog
While using blogger there are option of edit favicon image under layout section of blogger dashboard, this option is for upload a logo of your blog, you can upload a square image (a×a) in pdf format. This is important for blog look, just make a fabulous logo and use it as your blog identity.

5. Blog side bar
A beautiful blog must have a well managed sidebar which  help visitors to find what they want, you can add or remove widgets from layout section and you also can change widgets size in theme section.

6. Social media buttons
Social media buttons will make your site more trusted in visitors, this option also provide a way to the visitors for follow your blog, you will also get benefits of these buttons in your visitors count.

7. Stylish fonts
Stylish font is a way to make your blog post more beautiful, use two or three variations of fonts in your blog post for making blog beautiful, stylish fonts attract visitors and also help you in getting more interest from visitors.

8. Use reliable images
Images are a great way to make a beautiful blog,use some pictures in each blog post you write, images attract visitors and engage them to spent more time on your blog, use images reliable to your content for more improvements.

9. Post links of relevant content
If you are running an information blog then links can be used to give a boost to your blog visits, use own links in your own posts for making blog beautiful and profitable.

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