Monday, 23 October 2017

Requirements for getting google adsense approval in blogger

For getting Google AdSense approval you need to make some changes in your blood and you also need some basic requirements for getting google approval.
If your blog qualify some basic requirements of Google AdSense then you can get Google AdSense approval easily and you will be able to place ads on your blog.

 google adsense have a requirement criteria to gave approval to any application. If your website or blog pass through all requirements in that criteria then they will approve your blog for placing ads.
But if your website doesn't meet that basic requirements then your application was disapproved.
So let know about all basic requirements to get google Adsense approval on any blog or website.

Basic requirements for getting google adsense approval on any blog or website
 Google also describe all requirements in google help forum but they were not easy to learn in language or we face some difficulty while applying them in our content so I would describe all requirements in simple easy steps which were easy to follow.

At first you must have an active blog or website on which you want Adsense approval.

● your website must be in active condition and fully built. If your blog or website is under construction then your application to adsense will be disapproved.

● make sure that your website doesn't contain any adult content or any dangerous content like hacking.

● your blog must have sufficient content on your pages. you need 30 - 40 posts on your blog or website to get adsense approval.

● your each post on blog or website must contain 300 - 400 words for qualify minimum requirements of text on blog.

● make your site beautiful by giving a clear navigation system to visitors. This is most important step to get google adsense approval. You have to add 4 most important pages on your blog.

 1. About us page
 2. Contact us page
 3. Privacy policy page
 4. Disclaimer page

● If you are not using blogger for blogging then you need a top level domain name for getting google adsense approval.
Like :- / org / net

●  a website with only images and videos will not be approved for adsense because it's against google advertising policy.

●  your blg theme and design plays a big role in getting google adsense approval. If your blg design is good and attractive then you will have more chances to get adsense approval.

● post a page daily on your blog to increase your chance to get adsense approval. More routine make your blog more trusted.

● post only original and valid information on your blog. Don't use copyright content on your blog. Google will disapprove your application for this copyright content.

● great only one adsense account while applying for approval if you have multiple adsense account then they will disapprove your application. In this case before applying please old adsense account.

● link only one adsense account with one blog. Google don't allow multipal account with same blog.


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